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100% Natural

All preserved products by Verdissimo are real, natural flowers and plants that have been treated with a plant-based and biodegradable preservation liquid. No toxic ingredients are used.

V-Rose: Featured Product

It is the highest expression of our passion for preserved nature. The new V-Rose is the high quality version of our traditional preserved rose. It is a unique product, a special selection from the best roses, higher and wider than standard roses.

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What are preserved flowers?

The basic method of preservation has been around for years, but Verdissimo was the first to patent it over 25 years ago.

About us

Since its creation in 1988 in Paris, France, the Verdissimo brand has represented the highlight of preserved flowers, foliage and trees for a unique and sustainable use in design and interior decoration.


Our clients

The group has been providing numerous companies worldwide such as Disney, Interflora and Chopard.


Verdissimo World

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