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Carbon footprint

One of the advantages of preserved plants over artificial flowers and freshly cut flowers is that the carbon footprint is much lower, meaning that they are more ecological.

What is a carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint is an indicator that allows to measure the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitted by a product, that is, it represents the impact that the development of an activity has on the environment. This gas emission is measured in CO2 equivalent.

What are the benefits of the carbon footprint?

By calculating the carbon footprint, we can assess the risks associated with climate change caused by greenhouse gases, allowing us to advance in the reduction, control and saving of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing the carbon footprint index means reducing global warming levels and the greenhouse effect. This in turn will help us to improve energy efficiency (due to energy cost savings).

At Verdissimo, we are completely committed to the fight against climate change, so we do not ignore these types of measures to make our products completely eco-friendly.

The environment has been profoundly transformed. It is now a real problem and therefore understanding its importance is necessary to ensure long-term sustainability.

Although many doubt it, science has confirmed that we are in time to prevent future generations from suffering much damage because of the effects of climate change, which are currently worsening year after year, harmful effects for both us and all living beings who inhabit the planet.

How is the carbon footprint calculated?

Thanks to the Bilan Carbone methodology tool (Version 6) from the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management, we can measure the carbon footprint of our preserved flowers and plants for comparison. With this tool, it is possible to measure the energy consumption throughout the production process and compare the impact.

Preserved flowers, 100% organic, 100% natural and cheaper

Preserved flowers, in addition to not needing water and light for maintenance, emit a very low carbon footprint. This is due to their long life and low energy consumption in their transfer and maintenance, so, they are 100% ecological.

In addition, they are products grown through a process which is 100% natural. Preserved flowers are natural flowers that, after this conservation process, maintain the same appearance and beauty for an extended period of time.

It should also be noted that preserved flowers and plants have great value due to their long life. This is why they are cheaper than natural products.

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