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Decoration Projects

To assure excellent finish and that our work is held to the highest decorative standard, our projects are overseen by our designers and project partners who are renowned and passionate within the floral and interior design space. We also work with local designers and partners around the world to create solutions that fit the norms and trends of specific markets. The Verdissimo decorative solutions can be found in a wide number projects across the world. We have completed prestigious projects including the Lisboa and Gatwick Airports, the “privileged area” of the Avenues mall in Kuwait, The Natural Science museum of Bucharest in Rumania and the Telenor Training Facility in Sweden among others.

Create a unique, low-maintenance, natural space with professional decoration solutions from Verdissimo. The Verdissimo Group has the capacity to deliver large and unique turn-key interior projects, controlling each stage from the early design to installation and post-sale maintenance.

Sushita Café

The floral decor at the Sushita Café shop on Miguel Ángel Street is known for its naturalist style, composed principally of vertical gardens based on preserved moss from Verdissimo. These gardens are situated in the back of the place’s bar, surrounding large rectangular mirrors. Their project also uses other more rustic products such as lavender sprigs that give the space a vintage, provincial feel.

Panama Jack Headquarters

The decor for Panama Jack’s headquarters in Elche (Alicante) is a project that was carried out by Green Decorum, a company that specializes in ornamental decoration based on non-perishable flowers and plants. For this project Green Decorum selected Verdissimo’s goldenrod, nicoly, and sprengeri to create simple yet elegant compositions. The combination of these three plants created a very fresh, natural environment that has become a signature of the Panama Jack brand, a shoe store associated with nature and adventure. The idea was to create a natural space with rustic, country touches that also had a chic air about it.

Panama Jack - Verdissimo

La Palma Airport

Verdissimo’s products were selected for the floral décor in the La Palma airport. In this case they chose preserved products such as Pitosporum monumental bonsais and large ball moss spheres to strengthen the visual impact, or gynerium to break the rigidity of the compositions. With each of these products, they sought to create a zen ambience that transmitted peace and harmony, which are the main characteristics of this style of floral décor, to all of the travelers going through the airport.

Aeropuerto de la Isla de Palma - Verdissimo

Cycling Tour – Vuelta a España

Verdissimo’s preserved plants and flowers were the stars of the show during the final stage of Vuelta a España 2016. The ‘Neptune,’ ‘Red,’ and ‘Podium’ areas were perfectly decorated thanks to Green Decorum and Verdissimo’s products. The main products that were used were hortensias for their elegance and their tempering effect, goldenrod and pepper tree, which provided a touch of country, ball lichens, which symbolize life, and different types of eucalyptus for their varying textures, which provided dynamism to the compositions.

Vuelta Ciclista - Verdissimo


Verdissimo’s products were used for floral decorations at the Swiss headquarters of Telenor Training Facility, a Norwegian mobile phone company. For this job we definitely took into account the company’s green philosophy, their respect for the environment, and their passion for preserving nature, for which reason we selected preserved products that reflected this spirit. The main products used were various types of moss to create spectacular plant walls that transmitted the essence of nature and freshness.

Telenor - Verdissimo
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