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Karen Tran: Renowned International Floral Designer

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Karen Tran: Renowned International Floral Designer

At Verdissimo, the largest producer of preserved flowers and plants, we’re continuing our series of articles about designers and decorators.

This time around we’ve decided to tell you about Karen Tran, one of the most prestigious designers specializing in floral décor in the whole world.

Who Is Karen Tran?

Karen Tran is an international floral designer with more than 20 years of experience providing décor for high-end events. She owns a company that bears her name: Karen Tran Florals.

Her company is headquartered in San Diego, California (USA), from whence she travels throughout the entire world doing amazing work.

Some of the places this designer visits the most include: Bali, Mexico, Canada, Australia, and even Europe.

How She Transforms a Place

Right now it’s very fashionable to decorate spaces with plants and flowers since these details give a space a lot of warmth and liveliness. In this regard, Karen Tran is an important trendsetting designer because, thanks to her creativity, she’s capable of transforming an ordinary space into an extraordinary one.

Karen Tran’s Flowers

When you see this designer’s famous work, you’ll quickly realize that her go-to flowers are roses and phalaenopses (a type of orchid), always in large quantities.

However, this floral designer doesn’t limit herself to just these two types of flowers. Her works also often feature hydrangeas, callas, carnations, dahlias, and many other types of flowers.

With respect to colors, pastel tones predominate almost all of her floral designs, bringing luminosity and sophistication to her works.

Nevertheless, sometimes Tran opens things up in terms of colors and uses flowers of much more vibrant colors, such as lilac, pink, red, etc., creating a dream world charged with emotion.

Karen Tran’s Goal

This designer doesn’t just decorate spaces for events. She does much more than that.

When decorating a space, Karen Tran can create surprising experiences with flowers and plants, combining perfect combinations both with the products and their colors.

Karen Tran’s International Prestige

Tran’s creations have attracted thousands of fans all throughout the world.

In addition, after becoming one of the leading lights of the floral design world, she decided to also dedicate herself to teaching, sharing her passion for decorating and flowers with the students in the Master Floral classes that she offers in many parts of the world.

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