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María Villalón, a stylish interior designer in Madrid

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maria villalon - verdissimo

María Villalón, a stylish interior designer in Madrid

María Villalón Puras is a young interior designer, originally from Santander, who never ceases to amaze us with her incredible projects in Madrid.

maria villalon - verdissimo

From Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we want to dedicate this article to telling you all about her: who she is, what her style is and what her projects are, especially highlighting one of her latest ones: the Pomerania restaurant.

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Who is María Villalón and what is her style

As we mentioned in the intro of the article, María Villalón is a young woman from Santander who has started a studio in Madrid based on innovation, creativity, harmony, passion, balance and novelty. These words define the team that makes up her studio.

This young woman defines herself as an interior designer searching for new challenges and inspirations, always staying away from styles based on fading trends.

So far, María Villalón has shown a lot of character and personality in her projects, creating unique, balanced and inspiring spaces.

Below, we’ll talk about some of her projects, including the Pomerania restaurant, one of her latest works.


Pomerania: decoration and design

Pomerania is one of the most hip restaurants in Madrid, located on the main street of the city.

This restaurant is one of the interior designer’s projects that reinterprets Nordic decoration through avant-garde, simple and minimalist touches, thanks to the geometric lines that define the entire venue.

Villalón has managed to create contemporary design using natural materials and the combination of earth tones, grays and greens, which are incorporated through greenery.

In this Madrid restaurant, the interior designer has achieved a harmonious composition, full of textures and with some incredible finishes.

María Villalón’s goal with Pomerania was to create a cozy, lively and elegant venue. For this, she used:

  • Birch as the main element: This is a tree originally from Eurasian areas and has been used with the idea of providing an Atlantic touch to the space.
  • Vertical gardens: They have become very fashionable in recent years. Usually, the main element of these gardens is moss.
  • Conifers: There are many types of conifers. For example, Thuja Orientalis, also called Platycladus Orientalis, which originally comes from the most temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.

For lighting, she managed to create very warm brightness throughout the entire venue, both on the first and second floors, using windows and large hanging mirrors.


Interior design of businesses by María Villalón

María Villalón’s studio also has been in charge of the design and decoration of other stylish businesses in Madrid.

Some of these businesses include Chow Chow, Pointer and Teckel’s terrace, among others. We’ll tell you about some of their most intriguing elements below:

Chow Chow

The decoration and design of this restaurant was inspired by minimalist-based Japanese decoration. The idea was to create an energetic and harmonious venue, where the key concept was nature.

For this reason, three main natural elements have been used in the decoration of Chow Chow: wood, leather and stone.

The goal for both its design and decoration was to only highlight the necessary elements of the venue, creating a very minimalist space, as we previously mentioned.


The Pointer restaurant is one of María Villalón’s works inspired by the city of New York. With 565 square meters, the interior designer manages to transport us to a venue in the style of Williamsburg.

The design of Pointer has a neo-industrial style and is characterized by exposed brick, visible industrial ceilings, aged wood and other elements typical of industrial styles.

Teckel’s Terrace

On the terrace of the Teckel restaurant, also located in Madrid, María Villalón’s studio has created a cozy atmosphere for families and friends to meet up in a lovely and harmonious space.

Other projects by María Villalón

María Villalón’s studio doesn’t only focus on the decoration of businesses undergoing renovations. The interior decorator also has designed large residential projects in other parts of the country, for example: Los Corzos housing, in Santander.

Using preserved products for interior decoration

In many of the projects carried out by interior designer María Villalón, preserved products have been used because of the numerous benefits they have over other products.

Some of the main benefits of preserved plants and flowers are the following:

  • Natural: They are completely natural since, despite undergoing a preservation process, they keep their natural beauty intact.
  • Ecological: They are ecological and efficient. This is mostly because of their long lifespan and low energy consumption.
  • Affordable: They are very affordable, considering their lifespan and aesthetics.
  • With many possibilities: The use of these products is very broad and gives you the option to create many different floral arrangements and compositions.
  • Long-lasting: These products are capable of maintaining their beauty over time, for months and even years, without needing water or natural light.

Verdissimo’s products have been used in numerous interior decoration projects.

If you’re interested, you can get in touch with us and we’ll give you more details about preserved plants and flowers at Verdissimo.

If you want more information about other designers, most of them floral artists and not interior designers, you can read the following articles on our blog: “Preston Bailey, the floral designer for celebrities,” “Emilio Robba, the renowned flower sculptor,” “Karen Tran, an internationally-recognized floral designer” among others.

Discover who they are and all about their works!

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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