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Verdissimo’s experience at Intergift 2018

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intergift 2018 - verdissimo

Verdissimo’s experience at Intergift 2018

As we announced in the article “Verdissimo will be at Intergift 2018,” the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers attended Intergift 2018 in Madrid on February 2 and 3. This fair is focused on decoration and household items: including fabrics, furniture and flowers, among many other things.

intergift 2018 - verdissimo

In this article, we want to tell you about our visit to the fair, focusing on which floral arrangements we created exclusively for Intergift 2018 and our personal experience there.

Floral arrangements at Intergift 2018

Once again, Verdissimo relied on floral artist Pedro Fuset to showcase the possibilities and uses of preserved flowers at this fair. Some of the arrangements that Fuset created were the following:

  1. A very natural composition

composicion muy natural - verdissimo 

This composition in a wicker basket is very natural and basically monochromatic, except for a few small yellow color accents that the goldenrod provides. Also, the star-shaped leaves of the papyrus give a very fresh touch to the entire composition. Simple and captivating!

  1. A composition with color accents

composicion toques color - verdissimo

In this display by Pedro Fuset, the strategic use of colors stands out. Although mostly green tones, blue and yellow make this composition very vibrant.

  1. With roses and eucalyptus

composicion rosas eucalipto - verdissimo

This is another one of the natural compositions that Fuset created for Intergift 2018. The star products in this arrangement are definitely red roses and eucalyptus.

  1. A composition with amaranth

composicion amaranthus - verdissimo

This composition is perfect for tropical spaces, thanks to the main product: amaranth. Also, colors like pink give a lot of vividness to the entire design.

As we mentioned in the introduction of this article, all these compositions were created using preserved products from Verdissimo. These products, besides being 100% natural and ecological, maintain their beauty over time without needing water or light, so they’re perfect for decorating interior spaces.

Verdissmo’s experiences at Intergift 2018

At Verdissimo, we love attending different types of fairs to show what preserved flowers are and everything you can do with them. That’s why, once again we made the most of our participation at Intergift 2018.

We not only showed visitors to the fair the latest trends in design and floral art, we also discovered many new trends in decoration by other participants.

If you were at the fair… tell us about your experience!

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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