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Verdissimo At Iberflora And Proflora 2023

Verdissimo World

Verdissimo At Iberflora And Proflora 2023

Few names resonate as strongly in the preserving industry as Verdissimo, thanks to the indelible mark it has left on the global market and at such important trade fairs as IFTF, IPM, Iberflora, and Proflora.

However, an even more important characteristic goes beyond its presence at trade fairs: it is its deep commitment to sustainability that makes it a key player in today’s landscape.

A Display Of Preserved Beauty

This year’s editions of Iberflora and Proflora will feature the brand’s participation in a special way, thanks to the setting up of stands that will capture the senses of attendees through a combination of sensory experiences and its innovative range of preserved nature products.

From exquisite floral arrangements to decorative elements, its presence at these fairs reaffirms its position as a spearhead in the sector. The beauty and realism of the products demonstrate that nature can last a long time without compromising its essence.

Sustainable Beauty

The brand’s focus on sustainability, in a world where environmental awareness is more crucial than ever, is a responsibility to lead by example. The innovative, environmentally friendly preservation process allows flowers and plants to maintain their fresh, vibrant appearance for years, eliminating the need for frequent harvests.

This not only reduces the ecological impact but also inspires others to adopt more sustainable business practices.

This will be one of the highlights of the exhibition, as in addition to the multi-sensory experience, attendees will be able to learn about the Earth Pack, an environmentally friendly packaging made from organic materials that are easy to recycle.

Conscious nature

As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, Verdissimo’s contribution becomes even more vital. Its participation in events such as Iberflora and Proflora is a tangible reminder that natural beauty can endure without depleting the planet’s resources.

In an industry where aesthetics is essential, Verdissimo reminds us that true beauty comes from caring for and preserving our natural environment.

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