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Verdissimo, Participant in the Event “Architecture and Industry Dialogues”

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evento arquitectura madrid - verdissimo

Verdissimo, Participant in the Event “Architecture and Industry Dialogues”

Last month (March) Verdissimo participated in the Architecture and Industry event that took place in Madrid on March 1, 2, and 3.

evento arquitectura madrid - verdissimo

The event, called “Architecture and Industry Dialogues”, had the objective of strengthening existing relationships between architecture studios and industry since the former develops the materials that architects use for their designs.

The fundamental reason behind the organization of the event was to share information between the two interested sectors, namely, the architecture sector, which needs to be familiar with the latest trends and needs to know about new materials being developed in order to incorporate them into new designs, and the industrial sector, which needs to know about the needs and preferences of architects.

Both sectors met together for three days in Spain’s capital so as to ‘walk a mile in each other’s shoes’, so to speak.

Here at Verdissimo, the largest producer of preserved plants and flowers, we would like to tell you about the most important moments of the event and the role that Verdissimo played in it.

Event program

The event started with a presentation that was invitation-only. This presentation included the awarding of prizes for the PFC National Competition and a welcome cocktail as an end cap for the day.

The presentations made on the next day, March 2, were completely free and were open to the public. Some of the participants on this day were Faus, Karakoll, Fundación ONCE, Airlite, Accoya, and Verdissimo, who was assigned to make a presentation which took place from 6:00PM to 6:30PM.

The last day, Friday March 3, there were more presentations, which were also open to the public, in which companies such as Knauf, Porcelanosa, and many others participated.

At the end of the event there was a debate which was invitation-only.

The Role of Verdissimo at “Architecture and Industry Dialogues”

Verdissimo attended the Architecture and Industry event as a company that’s responsible for supplying materials to decorators and architects.

Right now Verdissimo’s preserved products are in high demand for all types of interior décor for everything from offices, to homes, restaurants, etc. This growing trend can help architects to think about designs that incorporate these materials, that is to say, to think about spaces that will ultimately be decorated with preserved products.

These products are very high quality and keep their beauty for months or even years with no maintenance since they don’t need water or light in order to survive.

At Verdissimo you’ll find an immense variety of preserved plants and flowers that will unleash your imagination.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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