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Floral Care

About product care

To ensure the duration of our preserved flowers and plants, proper use and care are essential, in this way they will last for months and even years without the need of water or light.

About the preservation process

Preservation is a process that allows us to create a unique product that combines the best of two worlds: the unique beauty of a natural plant with the durability of an inert object.

Our exclusive preservation technology involves the following three steps:

  1.         Harvest. The flower/plant is harvested at its peak point of beauty from one of 150,000m² of fields.
  2.         Proprietary process. The freshly harvested plant goes through our process that absorbs 100%  of biodegradable and vegetable preservation.
  3.         Eternal beauty. The conservation liquid replaces the sap and water inside the plant, forming a still image of nature, to create a 100% natural and unique product.

Is green product?

The freshly harvested plant goes through our process of absorbing a 100% biodegradable vegetable preservation formula. This formula consists in replacing the sap and water inside the plant to create a unique and 100% natural product.

They are fresh or dry or what type of product are they?

Preservation is a drying method, nevertheless, the result is completely different. Preserving allows the appearance to remain very natural.

Orders and shipping

To what countries do you not send your products?

We don’t have country restrictions to make direct shipments when the purchase is made directly from us. Our products are free to circulate and with the probable exception of Antarctica, they can reach any corner of the word. It’s important to note that depending on the region from which they are purchased and the type of product required, we can ship our product from any of our 4 warehouses and factories located in Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, and Japan. Now, although we can directly reach any part it’s important to mention that depending on the country the minimum order quantity may vary.

What is the maximum and minimum period between the confirmation of an order and its arrival to its destination?

It depends on the place of reception, ordered product, and quantity. In remote areas, it can take several months while in areas close to our distribution centers It can take around 3 weeks.

Is there a possibility to ask for an urgent product shipment?

You can always make urgent shipments, however, the cost of these shipments is significantly higher. This is because these emergency shipments are usually made by air and with urgent reservations where the rates increase considerably to traditional maritime containers.

Is there a maximum and minimum order volumen?

There are no limits in maximum size per order, however, the delivery dates of the entire order will depend on the capacities of our warehouses and product availability. About the minimum order volumes, these will mostly depend on the type of client (wholesaler, decorators, retail, etc.) It’s important to note we are a B2B company and we do not make individual or unit sales.

How are product shipping costs calculated?

Depending on the type of customer and shipping volumes, logistics costs can vary significantly. However, the impact on costs varies mainly because of the type of transportation to be used. Each shipment has specific variables of urgency, volume, and season of the year that make it impossible to make an exact estimate or rule to apply to shipments. They have to be adjusted individually.

Do all of your shipments leave from the Valencia Warehouse or do you have more logistic centers?

We had logistic centers in Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, and Japan. Nevertheless, we have strategic partners in the United States and China where we can have stock specific for those markets.

Is there a product warranty?

Yes, we count on product warranty, but these depend largely on the type of defect and claim. Each claim case or CPSS is analyzed individually and in case of delivering a defective product Verdissimo is responsible for responding according to each case. Regarding the aspects of logistic issues, it’s important to highlight that all products in which we pay or include in the invoice the cost of shipment, the products are insured. This is always the case as long as the customer does not demand otherwise.

Do large products such as trees have special shipment conditions?

They are usually handled in the same way as flowers or greens, the only difference is that due to their volume, these shipments are usually made by land or sea. Very rarely by air, only small trees.

Are products shipped with some kind of certification? (Such as allergens, 100% natural, etc.)

In countries where these are required for reasons of origin or phytosanitary requirements, they are always included.

About us

Where do you have preservation plants?

Verdissimo counts with 3 plants located in Tocancipa, Colombia, Valencia, Spain and Quito, Ecuador. No other competitor has this competitive advantage in work centers.

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