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Verdissimo: Celebrating 12 years since our most special floral decoration for the royal wedding

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Verdissimo: Celebrating 12 years since our most special floral decoration for the royal wedding

It is 12 years since the wedding of Felipe de Borbón and Letizia Ortiz. It is an anniversary that is, without doubt, very important for our current monarchs…and for us. Did you know that Verdissimo’s products were used for the floral decoration in Madrid?

The company Seto de Boj under the artistic direction of Pedro Fuset was in charge of decorating and adorning the bridal procession. And, Verdissimo’s products were chosen to decorate the section between Atocha and the Palacio de Oriente.

Although initially they planned to use fresh flowers, in the end they decided to go for floral arrangements made with preserved flowers.

This change was due to the fact that the preservation technique allowed them to make long-lasting compositions, without the flowers wilting. If you were watching the ceremony live or on the television, you will remember how much it rained that day. Even so, the beautiful decoration which was created by the Fuset team remained the same despite the wind and the rain. Another reason for choosing our flowers was their lightness: as they don’t need water or earth they were much easier to transport and store, but above all to put them on street lights.

Flowers for the royal wedding: Carefully selected for a very special day

Although Verdissimo’s preserved flowers are always special, on such an exceptional occasion like the wedding of the prince and princess of Asturias, they had to be to the standard of this particular wedding. The wedding flowers of Felipe de Borbón and Letizia Ortiz were selected and treated with great care. Hydrangea’s were used together with artificial roses, an example of a good combination of artificial and preserved products.

To decorate the section from Callao to Plaza de España (the Gran Vía), a special colour of hydrangea was made to combine with the roses. Hydrangeas also were used for the section of the streets Callao to Montera.

It is important to point out that for the occasion a special and exclusive edition of hydrangeas was made. Also, the section before La Red de San Luis (the final part of Montera street, where it joins with Gran Vía, Fuencarral and Hortaleza) was decorated with balls of yellow and pink hydrangeas.

More than 10,000 leaves of preserved chamaerops were placed along the route that the procession followed. The street lights on Gran Vía, from Montera to Cibeles, were decorated with artificial branches of almond trees in bloom. On the other hand, boxwood was used to make the topiaries on Cibeles, as well as bundles of branches that served to decorate the fences that enclosed the route on Plaza de Oriente and on the Paseo de Prado. The final result was a spectacular walkway that added brightness to a grey day.

At Verdissimo you will find a wide range of preserved flowers and plants

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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