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The advantages of giving a preserved flowers that lasts forever

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The advantages of giving a preserved flowers that lasts forever

Although giving flowers is very common these days, the fact is that this custom has ancient origins, which have been lost in mists of time.

From Paleolithic fossils found in prehistoric caves, we know that flowers were used as a ritual in funeral ceremonies for spiritual, religious or maybe emotional reasons. This shows us that flowers have always been used to express feelings!

Giving flowers throughout the ages

The current tradition of giving flowers began in the Orient where they were used to express feelings. At that time, each flower had its own meaning depending on its form, type, and colour and this meaning was known by everyone in society. In cities like Istanbul, it was very common to give flowers to “say something” to someone else. With a simple gesture like “giving a flower” the sender made his or her feelings and mood known. This wonderful method of communication allowed people to express themselves without words, focusing instead on feelings.

It was in the late 18th Century when Lady Mary Montagu, an English aristocrat who had moved to Istanbul with her husband, became interested in the allegorical representation of flowers and she brought this knowledge to her native country. In England this new way of looking at flowers spread quickly. During the Romantic era, emotions and feelings were expressed in this way in all of continental Europe, something which was passed down from generation to generation.

Today, flowers are the star of celebrations and events. Floral art has become an essential element in interior and outdoor decoration. However, one of the main problems with interior floral decoration using fresh flowers is their ephemeral nature, which means that they must be replaced constantly.

Long-lasting floral art with preserved flowers

Now there is no need to give up making beautiful floral compositions or simply give a flower that lasts forever. Preservation is a 100% natural way of giving ecological and economic flowers. Their infinite possibilities in floral decoration make them perfect for making long-lasting flower arrangements or to conserve a special flower forever, something very common with bridal bouquets, the flowers in the garland of a loved one, or a Saint Valentine’s Day flower.

At Verdissimo, we are experts in preserved flowers and plants. Experience a new way of giving flowers and enhance your interior decoration with long-lasting flowers.

Preserved flowers have many advantages over fresh flowers:

  • They don’t need maintenance, watering or natural light
  • They have a beautiful and unchanging appearance which lasts for a long time
  • They are ecological and economic and are excellent value for money
  • Infinite possibilities for decoration
  • They are convenient

The next time you are giving flowers, give preserved flowers!

Verdissimo: The beauty of preserved plants

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