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The use of preserved by floral artists

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the use of preserved by floral artists - verdissimo

The use of preserved by floral artists

A few days ago, we had the pleasure to receive the awarded floral designer Roman Shtengauer, Mª Jesús Miranda, Atmosfers Floral Escuela’s director and Beatriz Linacero, floral designer.  With this amazing team, in Verdissimo we were able to appreciate the special floral display that they made in real time for us.

the use of preserved by floral artists - verdissimo

This exhibition was modelled on Christmas time. Playing with signs like snow, candles, Christmas trees or spheres, they achieved a stunning result with interesting colours and shapes.

The mix of textures and floral styles brought a sort of creations that really impressed us. The style of Roman, Mª Jesús and Beatriz was shown in all of the creations. Also, they combined different materials, like in ‘Rama roja con elementos colgantes’.

el uso del preservado por artistas florales img3 - verdissimo

The symbolism of the Christmas tree puts itself on the vanguard. Tradition and evolution, now together in a single piece thanks to Roman’s talent.

Throughout the demonstration, we could see a different approach from christmas. This vision looks more refined and elegant. The truth is that we really enjoyed with this singular bet.

Without any doubts, the taste and technique had the leading on this interesting line. The “Centro con 12 velas” was made with glass bedrock and Verdissimo material gave elegance and stability to every place that can be shown.

el uso del preservado por artistas florales img2 - verdissimo

As you can see, the search of the peace and balance appears in every single piece that has been created in Verdissimo. We would really like to know if this pieces inspire you to make your owns.

Work with Verdissimo

For our guests, work with Verdissimo has been a “pleasure” and a “safe bet”, due to they haven’t had any kind of problems with our material. Without any doubts, we can say that Roman and Mª Jesús appreciated the quality of such a exquisite products like ours. They really enjoyed working with Verdissimo material, finding it very easy to work with.

Finally, we would like to have the chance to highlight  the composition of a clock made with our floral artists. The composition and tone spread peace and  homelike warmth. Furthermore, the simmetry and  the choice of the materials gives such a special lightness and  grace.

el uso del preservado por artistas florales img4 - verdissimo

el uso del preservado por artistas florales img5 - verdissimo

Again, we would like to appreciate the visit of Roman Shtengauer,  Mª Jesús Miranda y a Beatriz Linacero. We hope to see you very soon!

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