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5 flowers that you should have in your home

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5 flowers that you should have in your home

Although decorating the house with flowers is something that we enjoy all year, the arrival of summer inspires us to add a touch of colour and joy to every corner of the house. There isn’t a more relaxing and pleasant activity than buying fresh flowers and enjoying creating original centrepieces and floral compositions of all kinds to make the living room stand out, or to add a personal touch in the office or the bedroom.

Now that summer has officially arrived, it is the perfect moment to dust off the vases and containers that you have put away and to think of filling them with your favourite flowers: roses, carnations, hydrangeas…At Verdissimo we have them all!

5 flowers to decorate your home…all year round

Preserved Roses

Roses are not only the queens of the garden. They are also the queens of vases and floral arrangements in your home: long-stem roses, rose heads in different colours, or roses in bunches and bouquets.

Preserved hydrangeas

Hydrangeas have a great ornamental power thanks to their flowers in big bouquets, and their attractive colours like white, purple, blue or pink.

Preserved carnations

Carnations are one of our quintessential flowers. Their petals in the form of wheels add a happy and optimistic touch to any corner.

Mini Calla

To give a refined touch, there is nothing better than a gorgeous and elegant bunch of mini lilies in red or white. Perfect!

Crisantemo Sharp

The chrysanthemum is a very striking and decorative flower that you can include in any kind of floral decoration. The sharp chrysanthemum is one of the most eye-catching and decorative varieties of this flower.

Verdissimo’s preserved flowers: A touch of nature in your home

Those who love floral decoration know well that the biggest drawback of fresh flowers is their short lifespan. Even the most beautiful and colourful flowers lose their freshness and colour after a few days. This is why, at Verdissimo, we offer the best alternative for a beautiful, varied and long-lasting floral decoration.

Advantages of preservation:

  • All of the flowers that you will find in our catalogue are natural species, which have been cut when they are at their best, and which have undergone a maintenance process that allows them to keep their colour, texture and beauty for months or even years.
  • Their appearance isn’t only equal to fresh plants but is even better: their intense, vibrant and bright colours remain unchanged.
  • Also, they don’t need any maintenance, watering or sunlight. You can even put your vases of flowers in bedrooms or where someone who is allergic to pollen lives!

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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