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A natural and professional approach with preserved flowers

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A natural and professional approach with preserved flowers

Interior decoration with preserved flowers is an area in which the different possibilities are endless.

The purpose of decoration projects is to fill different rooms, trying to integrate the needs of the client. Houses, apartments, buildings, shops, offices, etc. are all places that have a different individual quality; to capture these moods is not an easy task. Flowers, plants, and vegetation in general, are a great ornamental option to add to interior decoration projects.

Decorating with fresh flowers and plants gives a fresh, natural touch to spaces; every living room, bedroom or area in a decoration project suits having fresh vegetation.

It is always a welcome option for clients, although experience shows that adding vegetation to a room has a few drawbacks:

  • Firstly, we are talking about live beings that need light and water in order to survive; they should be put in bright places. Floral decoration does not only have an ornamental function, it is also essential to makes sure flowers and plants are correctly maintained.
  • Decorations based on floral arrangements have a very short lifespan, losing their decorative function in a short space of time.
  • Maintenance of fresh products generally entails a responsibility that most people find difficult to take on.

Ultimately, floral ornamentation has some drawbacks, which cause obstacles to the success of different decoration projects. This is why decoration with preserved flowers is an excellent solution.

Decoration with preserved flowers and plants, a great solution

Preserved plants are fresh flowers that have been cultivated in greenhouses in the natural way. The difference between fresh flowers and preserved flowers arises when the fresh flower is cut and is treated with a natural preservation liquid (natural and biodegradable), which by means of absorption substitutes the fresh sap.

In this way preserved flowers and plants maintain their natural beauty, but with an almost permanent durability and they hardly need any maintenance.

With this we are eliminating the issues and problems with fresh floral decoration, and we choose floral art which is permanent, natural, and really beautiful.

In this way we can add really beautiful, natural floral pieces without needing to look for the best place to catch sunlight and the maintenance of preserved flowers is no longer a daily exercise in responsibility, actually preserved flowers and plants hardly need any important maintenance.

Interior decoration with preserved flowers and plants plays an important role in projects that have dark living spaces or have little natural light as now it is possible to have natural floral elements to give the freshness and beauty of fresh flowers, without fear that they will wilt and die.

The world of interior decoration is enhanced with the use of decoration and floral compositions with preserved plants and flowers.

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