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Accessories for decoration and interior design

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complementos de decoracion y diseño de interiores - verdissimo

Accessories for decoration and interior design

There’s a huge variety of decorative accessories that may help you achieve a home straight out of a magazine. These accessories are “essential” for brightening up every corner of your home, though it’s not necessary to use them all. You can apply only those you like best.

complementos de decoracion y diseño de interiores - verdissimo

Decorative accessories

In this article, from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we’ll show you four decorative accessories: pictures and photographs, plants and flowers, fabrics, and mirrors. Each one of them has a clear aim.

If you want to have a unique decorative project… don’t miss out on this post!

Pictures and photographs

Pictures and photographs are the perfect accessories for decorating walls in your home. We love them in any room, even the bathroom.

These accessories are capable of filling spaces with personality. However, to achieve that desired effect, it’s important that you select them carefully. Pictures have many styles, from boho to Nordic, rural, etc. Your selection should go with the style of your home.

Regarding photographs, they’re always a hit: whether hung on the wall with a pretty frame, or decorating the shelves of a living room or desk.

Below, you can see decoration using Nordic-style pictures.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers are decorative accessories designed to brighten a home. The aim of these accessories is to create natural atmospheres. Also, with flowers and plants, you can also give color accents to a room through floral arrangements, or brightness by using white roses.

For these accessories, we suggest you use our preserved products. They’re flowers and plants designed for interior decoration, 100% natural and also, they maintain their beauty over time without needing light or water. A win-win situation!

In the image below, you can see perfect preserved trees for decorating interior patios, or even other rooms of your home.


Fabrics are the “soul” of home decorating. Normally, they’re designed to provide color accents in rooms.

If you want a warm and comfortable home, you definitely need fabrics for your entire home, including pillows, rugs, curtains, blankets, etc.

Check out how to create a perfect contrast with fabrics in the image below!


We like mirrors both for decorative accessories in the bathroom, as well as interior design of rooms. They’re elements that create space thanks to the reflections they give off.

Mirrors are recommended for all kinds of rooms: big, small, square, rectangle, etc. However, they’re key for decorating smaller spaces.

There are all kinds of mirrors: circular, wooden, iron, sun-shaped… you only have to choose whichever fits best with the decorative style of your home.

In this image, you can see the perfect circular wall mirror for decorating an entryway.

Now that you know what the main accessories for interior design are, what are you waiting for? Get inspired and decorate your home with the trends of 2018.

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