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Advantages of Preserved Flowers

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Advantages of Preserved Flowers

When we talk about flowers that last a long time, you probably think of dried flowers and not preserved flowers. However, preserved flowers are synonymous with eternal youth because they are so long-lasting that they can remain beautiful for months or even years.


What are the advantages of our preserved plants and flowers?

They are completely natural flowers and plants, which are 100% ecological. They are flowers that have grown in soil but which then go through the preservation process to make them really long-lasting.

They are ecological because of their low energy consumption, both when being transported and when stored. These flowers and plants are better for the environment than fresh flowers.

They are much more economical than fresh flowers because they last longer, and this is why they are good value for money.

Their long lifespan makes these flowers and plants useful for many things. For example, increasingly more couples opt for wedding decoration or bouquets that are made with preserved flowers so that they can keep a memento of the day.

Preserved flowers and plants that have gone through the preservation process don’t need any maintenance, and also don’t need to be watered or have access to direct sunlight, which is why they can be used inside without any problem.

What does the preservation process entail?

Preservation is a process that is carried out not only to increase the duration of plants and flowers but also to maximize the beauty of each one of them.

The process that Verdissimo follows to preserve our products has been optimized over the years and consists of the following:

  • First, we plant the seed in the ground of our fields and the plant remains there until we feel that it has reached its ideal size and beauty.
  • After, when the flower or plant is at its perfect point of growth, it is cut so it can go through the preservation process.
  • The preservation process consists of the plant or flower absorbing a mixture of liquids made with a natural formula of plant combinations and which is biodegradable. This liquid substitutes the sap and water in the plant.

What can I do with my preserved flowers?

There are many uses for preserved flowers, thanks to their long lifespan. Firstly, and as we have mentioned before, you can use them as decoration on your wedding day so that you can then keep them as a memento. Also, you can make murals with preserved flowers. It will look really natural and it won’t wilt.

So, if you want to make a gift that lasts forever or to keep your flowers as a memento of a special moment, come to Verdissimo.

At Verdissimo you will find a wide range of preserved plants and flowers.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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