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Advice for Floral Compositions

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Advice for Floral Compositions

Would you like to make floral compositions? Verdissimo’s preserved flowers, thanks to their characteristics of beauty and durability, are perfect for making artistic creations of all kind. From a minimalist ikebana floral arrangement, to elegant centrepieces made with our long-stem standard roses in different colours.

Although floral compositions and floral decoration, in general, is based on the creativity and tastes of each person, the fact is that keeping a series of guidelines in mind will make the results even more spectacular. With these guidelines in mind, you will definitely make incredible plant decoration for your indoor spaces.

In indoors, substitute fresh plants for preserved plants. In addition to obtaining similar results in terms of beauty and decorative value, preserved plants and flowers don’t need water, sunlight, care or maintenance to maintain their qualities.

Choose with care the mix of varieties of plants, flowers and foliage, the colours and even the number of flowers. If you have too many, the atmosphere will be oppressive instead of being pleasant and welcoming.

When making a floral decoration for an ample indoor space, like the living room or the hall of the property for example, small sized plants are often used together with shrubs in a flowerpot, like the exotic Jumbo Juniperus Procumbes, which has high ornamental power.

For the final result to be harmonious and proportioned, the chosen varieties should serve to put the final touch on the decoration. For example, for a contemporary decoration, you can opt for a Prince of Wales tree, while a Hedera Arborea in a flowerpot will look perfect in the entrance hall.

If you would like to give a touch of life and nature to a small space, like a desk or a side table, there is nothing like a Bonsai Procumbes or Tamaracifolia to brighten up and give life to this space.

Small plants are ideal for highlighting windows and bookshelves. Centrepieces of flowers in a basket also look great, and they give a rustic and natural touch to the room. Try it with some happy red carnations or with a few gorgeous Dendrobium orchids.

If you would like to showcase an indoor patio, the hall of your home, or the most important corner of the living room, Pendula Eucalyptus would be a good option.

In general, for interior compositions, usually plants from at least three types are used. According to Feng Shui, if you only use two varieties, one of them will impose on the other and will stand out more. The final result will not be very balanced and will have the feeling that “something is missing”.

If you decide to make compositions with two kinds of plants, there should be another element in the centre or middle. In this way, the result is more harmonious. For example, we can put two plants on either side of a door, and in this way, the door will become the third element in the composition. Do you need more ideas for your floral compositions? Check out our website and discover the tips and advice from our experts!

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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