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Artificial and preserved. The best allies in decoration

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Artificial & preserved decoration - Verdissimo

Artificial and preserved. The best allies in decoration

Currently, the decoration with plants and flowers in commercial spaces, in-office, or in homes is a growing trend. This decoration can be achieved with different types of products, from artificial products to natural, or preserved. But, did you ever think that these products could be combined? What products are better to be combined? Which ones are the best?

Artificial & preserved decoration - Verdissimo

From Verdissimo we are going to talk to you in this post about the combination of preserved products with artificial products, and much more.

Which products are the best?

We always tend to compare. It’s not about the existence of better or worse products. Natural, preserved, dry and artificial products can share the space since each one is best for determined roles.

What is very evident is that preserved greens are a tool for the professionals. They are the ideal complement for artificial flowers because it brings ease, freshness, and movement.  Centerpieces made with artificial flower bouquets acquire a more natural appearance if they are combined with our greens and flower fill.

Ultimately what every professional look for: tools that help reflect their creativity and achieve a striking, surprising, and always…. A natural effect!

Centerpieces made by the company GreenDecorum

Advantages of combining preserved and artificial flowers.

Next, we will give you the detail on which are the advantages of combining preserved products with artificial products.

  • Create different textures: combining preserved flowers and artificial flowers you can create in one same composition different textures that provide realism to the arrangement and a lot of movement.
  • Deliver naturalness to artificial flowers: artificial plants can be very good and they can come close to the naturalness of fresh flowers, nevertheless, they are not like preserved flowers, that are 100% natural and bring that touch of freshness that an artificial composition needs. This is why their combination is so positive.
  • Durability: other types of combinations for example, fresh and preserved or fresh and artificial do not last as long as preserved flowers and artificial flowers. The compositions made with these products have great durability.
  • Cost: taking into consideration durability, the cost of creating compositions with these products is very low.
  • Maintenance: artificial flowers do not need maintenance, only removing dust once in a while. Preserved flowers do not require light or water to maintain their beauty throughout time, this is why the combination of these products is fantastic because both products require Little maintenance.

Green ceilings and walls made by the company GreenDecorum

If you are the designer or decorator and you are tired of artificial products, remember in Verdissimo we have a large range of preserved products that you can combine with artificial ones to give that fresh, natural, and different touch to environments.


Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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