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Verdissimo and Asocolflores. A road to success

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verdissimo and asocolflores a road to success - verdissimo

Verdissimo and Asocolflores. A road to success

If you have known our company for a long time you will surely know that in Verdissimo, the largest producer of preserved plants and flowers, we have different production plants distributed in different countries. One of the most notable production plants is the one in Colombia, a plant that last May joined Asocolflores (Colombian Association of Flower Exporters).

verdissimo and asocolflores a road to success - verdissimo

What benefits does this affiliation bring us? Many, but above all, this operation allows us to access programs and other benefits backed by the Colombian government.

Verdissimo and Asocolflores affiliation campaigns and benefits

With Verdissimo’s affiliation with this association, we will be able to fully enjoy and take advantage of the following plans, both this year and in the years to come:

Petals Plan

This is a plan that has allowed our company to normally transport preserved products on the country’s highways in the weeks that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic caused by COVID-19. This because for several weeks, road transport was strictly regulated, and for the most part prohibited (even for certain cargo). The Asocolflores Petals Plan works to exempt the flower industry from these restrictions, with the objective that the circulation from the heart of the country for this sector continues to be calm and normal. Transports were made from towns near Bogota to the ports of Buena Aventura and Cartagena (ports in the Caribbean and the Pacific respectively)

Route Sustainability Program

The route sustainability programs in terms of social and economic sustainability.

  • Social sustainability: we hope to participate in programs and activities linked to the needs of workers in the sector, and to the communities associated with housing, recreation, job counseling, education (scholarships for workers’ children and school reinforcement), arts and sports training schools. The objective is, without a doubt, to improve the quality of life of our workers through policies and recommendations that Asocolflores will help us implement. In the area of ​​social sustainability, environmental management is also included through consultancies and programs to improve water conservation and management, comprehensive waste management, and the optimization and use of renewable energy sources, among many other aspects.
  • Economic sustainability: in this area, we hope to be able to access sustainable flowers valuable market studies, studies carried out by ProFound and ProVerde, as they will contribute to the development of new, more successful products for our greatest potential markets.

Participation in international fairs

Verdissimo attends every year to some of the most important international fairs in the world. However, it is not yet present in all of them. With the support of Asocolflores we hope to be able to participate in many more, as long as they are allowed again.

It should be noted that these benefits are only a few, the alliance between Verdissimo and Asocolflores is also key in the strategic relationship with the DIAN (Colombian Tax Office), Chamber of Commerce and Superintendency of societies (public entities where all corporate issues are registered and processed in the country).

In addition, a lot of added value is generated when we are able to make synergies with other crops to reach strategic negotiations in matters of volume with suppliers. It is also positive to acquire knowledge of best practices at the administrative level in the flower sector in Colombia.

At Verdissimo we continue to work to create strategic alliances with companies and associations with the sole objective of offering our workers a good work environment, quality of life, and, for our clients, the best products and delivery services.

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