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New Preserved Asparagus

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New Preserved Asparagus

Asparagus has arrived in Verdissimo, a versatile preserved product suitable for different decoration styles. In this post, we will tell you whom it’s intended for, what are its characteristics, and how we can combine it and care for it.

Here we go!

To whom it’s intended for

It’s very difficult to single out a branch of interior decoration or florists that is not interested in using Asparagus to generate certain effects in their compositions or designs.

Nonetheless, and despite the interest it arouses, it’s specially designed for florists who want to use it in big compositions with large bases or cups as fillers, to generate a floating effect. It’s also intended for florists or decorators who want to use it for the design of elegant and ethereal KOKEDAMAS.

In the case of decorators, its vaporous appearance makes it ideal to be placed in high places as a hanging element, for example, in planters above the bars in bars/kitchens, or even at the top of vertical gardens. It’s also perfect for decorators thinking about dressing the walls!

Asparagus characteristics

Asparagus is a product that stands out for having a very fresh and light green color, this is due to the fact that it has very small leaves that generate a vaporous, almost transparent, and floating effect. It also has long branches that allow it to be hung, further amplifying its floating effect.

It is a product that, due to its presence, in many parts of Europe, is very familiar to the eye. Asparagus was habitually used by our ancestors, both by our grandparents and by our grandparent’s parents at home, normally in the countries closest to the Mediterranean.

How can we combine it?

It’s a very versatile product, which is why it combines perfectly with many of the Verdissimo products, for example:

  • With our standard or Premium stem roses.
  • With moss spheres.
  • With ivy, perfect for green walls.

The well combined Asparagus can give a garden an incomparable freshness. The limits of this innovative product are only in the creativity of each of the designers and decorators.

Asparagus care

The care for Asparagus is the same as the care we take for any preserved product. These products require very little maintenance. To maintain it in perfect condition there is no need for water or light, only the minimal care we detail below:

  • Preserved Asparagus cannot be placed outside for a long time, above all, it can’t be exposed directly to the sun.
  • Not exposing it to the sun is as important as not exposing it to high humidity (more than 70%) because this immediately affects the quality of the product and reduces its beauty and durability.
  • It’s essential to remove the dust from time to time for it to show its true color and the beauty it deserves.

Are you convinced and want Asparagus to decorate any space? Find it in Verdissimo!

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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