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We want to tell you everything about the Beech (Fagus): what is Beech, types of Beech, its characteristics and what it’s associated with. In addition, we’ll reveal how this product is used in interior decoration. Don’t miss out!

fagus sylvatica - Verdissimo

What is Beech?

Beech is a deciduous tree originally from temperate zones in Europe, Asia and also North America. This species of tree is commonly known as Beech.

These trees are extremely recognizable by their characteristics.

Characteristics of Beech

As we’ve mentioned previously, the characteristics of Beech make them unmistakable. Some of their main features are the following:

  • They are long-living.
  • They are tall trees.
  • Their trunk is wide, cylindrical and usually not branched.

Types of Beech

Currently, ten types of different Beech trees are recognized:

  • Fagus Sylvatica
  • Fagus Crenata
  • Fagus Engleriana
  • Fagus Hayatae
  • Fagus Japonica
  • Fagus Longipetiolata
  • Fagus Lucida
  • Fagus Mexicana
  • Fagus Moesica
  • Fagus Orientalis

Of all these types of Beech, one of the most popular is Fagus Sylvatica, also known as common Beech. Also, Fagus Sylvatica leaves are also known for their use in decoration. We’ll talk about this later on.

What is Beech associated with?

The Beech tree has religious connotations. It’s usually associated with the gods because of its longevity, strength and wisdom.

In fact, in the Gallo-Roman religion, Beech is a well-known God, called the Fagus God of the Pyrenees.

Perhaps for this reason, Beech is said to be one of the most sacred trees in the world.

Beech in decoration

Beech is widely used in interior decoration, especially in Christmas decoration.

This product is perfect for decorating Nordic spaces or even “farmhouse” style rooms.

Depending on the style you’re looking for, you should place it alone, in a wooden, glass or iron pot, or combined with other products. One of the main advantages of this product is that it can fill a space on its own. However, it’s also an ideal product for combining with flowers and products of other colors, with the aim of creating beautiful floral arrangements with color contrast.

Its green color and the shape of its leaves make Beech branches the perfect decorative accessory for creating fresh, natural and also simple atmospheres.

Beech at Verdissimo

At Verdissimo, you can find preserved Beech branches, ideal for decorating the interior of your home or office. Since they’re preserved, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, because our preserved products don’t need water or light to keep them in perfect condition.

Also, these products are completely natural, so their appearance is… incredible!

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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