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What is Biophilia?

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What is Biophilia?

We want to talk to you about Biophilia, a concept that, even though it’s not anything new, is gaining a lot of importance. In Verdissimo we know that it’s not very known, but little by little it’s positioning itself as a trend in the design and architecture sector.

biofilia - verdissimo

What is it? and what relation does it have with design and architecture?

We will answer these questions in this post. Keep Reading and discover what is biophilia!

What is Biophilia?

The first person to use the “biophilia” concept was Erich Fromm from the field of psychology, although it was years later when the biologist Edward O. Wilson developed the term.

What does biophilia mean? Before explaining what it consists of, we will talk to you about the etymological meaning of the Word:

  • “Bio” has two meanings in the dictionary: life or live organism in respect to the environment.
  • “philia” means passion or love for something.

Surely with this, you already have an idea of what it means: love towards nature, towards the environment…

Why do we need this contact with nature?

Ask yourself what do you feel when you walk through the countryside and then you will understand why the human being needs this contact with nature.

People feel better and more complete when they are near plants and animals, they help us feel better.

Nature boosts the feeling of vastness and it helps us connect with our inner self. Why does this happen? It’s because of our past, because of the evolution of the human race. And because human beings have always been very close to nature.

The positivity and the energy that it makes us feel creates an asked the need to incorporate nature in urban and interior spaces.

Besides, we can’t forget that, according to experts on the subject, the connection between nature and man positively impacts intelligence, emotions, creativity, and verbal expression, among others.

Biophilic Design and Architecture

The concept of biophilia is a concept that lately has been related to the design and the architecture sector. And it has not only been related to it, but it has fused to the point that many professionals already speak of biophilic design and architecture. What does it consist of? you could define biophilic design as the type of design that incorporates elements of nature.

More and more, we are looking at studies that point out the benefits and the positive impact that natural elements have on people, this is why design is increasingly being fused with nature in homes, offices, and cities in general, reducing stress and increasing the happiness of the people who inhabit those spaces.

What are the elements that we have to look for in spaces for them to be considered biophilic design or architecture?

  • The optimization of spaces must exist.
  • Control the levels of thermic comfort.
  • Take into consideration, air quality, pollution, levels of toxins, and ventilation if it’s a closed space.
  • Acoustic comfort.
  • Good lighting, natural as well as artificial.
  • The use of natural materials.

What do you think about biophilia? Have you ever heard about it?

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