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Blue Decoration – Chromatic Trends

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Decoracion - Tendencias cromaticas - Verdissimo

Blue Decoration – Chromatic Trends

We want to talk to you about one of the colors of the season: blue. Even though it’s a trending color this year, it’s also a color you can use for decoration every year and every season because of it’s timeless nature. For this reason, in Verdissimo we have wanted, to make an article talking about blue decoration as a chromatic trend, we will review the blue flowers and plants we have in our catalog to decorate different spaces, we will talk to you about the colors that go well with blue, about the decoration styles in which blue occupies an important place and…much more!

Decoracion - Tendencias cromaticas - Verdissimo

Do you like blue and you want to know a little bit more? Keep reading!

Decoration trend with blue for 2021

2021 is the year of the color blue. Nothing can makes us happier because there is no easier hue to use in the decoration of a home, office or commercial space, either in its softer hues, or most vibrant ones. It’s a color that in general brings a sense of calm and harmony, and may have very different effects in a room depending on how it’s used.

Blue is a cool color (like grey) and like we previously said in the introduction, even though it’s a trend, it’s a color that never goes out of style, it’s totally timeless in all its range of tones.

Besides all this, blue has direct positive effects in people since it has a relaxing effect.

What tones of blue are trending this season? Every. Any tone of blue is suitable for this year’s decoration, it’s used on walls, textiles, furniture, etc. We will talk to you about some ideas further on.

Blue flowers and plants to decorate

We could talk to you about many blue flowers and plants to decorate. Nevertheless, there are three that, without a doubt, are a must-have. And not only that. They are beautiful, in demand and you can find them in our Verdissimo catalog.

These flowers are the following:


Hydrangeas are flowers with a lot of history. The Hydrangea genre includes between 70 to 75 species of decorative plants. They are natives to the south and east of Asia and have been grown for a long time in Japan to be used in decoration. You can find them in a light blue color and it’s ideal to be combined with other colorful flowers. It’s a voluminous flower that can provide any bouquet or floral composition with a unique volume.


Roses are the Queens of the garden, the favorites of all. These are the favorites of all. These are the most used flowers by florists and decorators to make floral arrangements for decoration. The number of species is around 100, the majority are native from Asia and a reduced number is native of Europe, North America, and Northwestern Africa. In Verdissimo we offer them in different tones o blue: light blue, blue and dark blue.


Lavender is another product option in blue. This plant is a perennial plant with quadrangular section stems, with spear-shaped and elliptical leaves and a (BILABIADA) corolla, of a lavender, lilac, blue or violet color.

Colors that combine with blue

The color blue is one of our favorite colors because it’s super versatile, and it’s full of possibilities. It’s a color that can be combined in simple ways with many colors.

  • Combining it with White: it doesn’t matter the tone of blue, all of them perfectly combine with white, a combination that surely reminds you of the sea since it’s very characteristic of the nautical style.
  • Combining it with grey: combining it with a range of greys is another option. Even though both of them are cold colors they are the perfect combination to produce relaxed spaces with a good touch of personality.
  • Combining it with brown: you have to be careful with the tone of brown and select the most appropriate one. For example, a camel brown with a light blue will make the perfect tandem. Blue and brown decoration is one of our favorite ones!
  • Combining it with yellow: yellow and blue color combination is a little bit more daring than the previous ones, even though the result can be incredible.
  • Combining it with gold: the combination of gold and blue is a super elegant combination. It’s characteristic of fashion looks so… why wouldn’t we use it in decoration? A large part of decoration inspiration has its origins in fashion.
  • Combining it with lilac: the combination with lilac is also very daring, although we don’t like it less because of it. All the contrary! Lilac, as well as blue, is also trending this year and together they are ideal for the most vintage and modern styles.
  • Combining it with green: green and blue combination is a success. This is because both colors are analogous, this means they both have a common tint.

Products to be combined with blue

It can be combined with the following products:

Se combinan con productos como los que citamos a continuación:


Eucalyptus polianthemos is a plant native from the warm zones of the northern hemisphere and its leaves are simple, alternate, and usually wide with full and serrated borders. It’s a plant that we love to combine with blues, above all, if you are looking to give a boho touch to a space.


Pubescens is a type of perennial herb with arched, flat, (LIGNIFICADA) and very (MUCRONADA). It’s perfect for boho and country decoration, even for a Mediterranean decoration. If you combine it with blue, it can be ideal for a navy style, very present in summer houses next to the sea.


Its scientific name is Fagus sylvatica. It has a robust size and a big stem with a straight trunk which makes it very valuable. It also has an oval shape in its top third superior. It’s ideal to combine it with blue for colonial and country styles.


The croca or anamirta is a plant native to southeast Asia. From its fruit, the Cocculus is from a product with stimulating properties that are extracted. The Cocculus along with blue reminds us of Ibiza. It’s very inspiring to decorate spaces with magical touches characteristic of the Ibizan style.

Even though there’s a long list of products that can be combined with blue decoration, we have selected those we like the most, always taking into consideration that they must have grayish-green tones. What do you think?

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Decoration styles with blues

In this section we will gather the man decoration styles that involve blue as one of its main pillars:

Nautical Style

Blue is the base of the nautical decoration style, concretely stripes in blue and white colors. We know that stripes are not liked by everyone and this is why many people opt for the white and blue decoration but leaving the nautical stripes aside. And it’s because you can achieve this decoration using these colors in walls, furniture, and even textiles.

Vintage style

Have you ever Heard of blue in vintage style decoration? It’s a color associated with this style of decoration, above all in some rooms of the home, for example: in the kitchen. Blue, combined with other vibrant colors is a great idea if your wish is to give a vintage touch to any space. You can place blue in textiles, or even in furniture or the walls. You decide!

Modern, elegant style

In modern and elegant styles dark colors are always welcome. Dark grays, blacks, and even dark blues. There are spaces where bright dark blues can be placed and combined with other softer tones to provide an elegant contrast.

Ideas to combine blue

In this section we are going to give you ideas to combine blue, that’s to say, some ideas to include blue in any space you wish. These ideas are: place it on the walls, through delicate details, furniture, or through flowers and plants of this color. Where? Blue room decoration, kitchen, living room, office.. These ideas are for any space!

We are going to explain each one of these ideas in detail.

  • Walls: blue walls for decoration are for the most daring decoration styles. Even though there are other blue tones ideal for more Nordic styles. It’s a super interesting option if you wish the color blue to be the center of the decoration, that’s to say the main color of the decoration of the space.
  • Delicate details: place the color blue in more delicate details if you want it to be a secondary color in the decoration. You can place it in jars, cushions, curtains, little auxiliary tables, etc.
  • Furniture: If you decide to place blue color furniture, for example, in the kitchen, what you wish is surely to give the color all of its protagonism. Nowadays, many kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms are this color! We love it! Depending on the tone of blue and how you combine it, you will get one decoration style or the other.
  • Plants and flowers: We talked to you previously about the option of decorating with plants and flowers. It’s always an option to provide touches and little accents of blue to spaces. You can do it by creating flower compositions that include this color, vertical gardens and even placing blue flowers or plants by themselves in wooden jars or crystal.

Blue in decoration history

Of all the colors, blue is one of our favorite ones because of everything it brings with it. It’s a color that (whatever its intensity) is associated with beauty, rigor, tranquility, harmony, and peace. According to psychologists, this color is capable of relaxing, evoking calm, and has a relaxing effect capable of alleviating mental tension and fatigue of the people close to it.

History of blue color

It’s believed that his color is in this world since the year 2.000 A.C which indicates it could very well be, if not the first, one of the first colors created in history. The ones responsible for this are the Egyptians, who have been responsible for many contributions to humanity. This color is one of those great contributions when it refers to esthetics.

How did they do it? They would mix limestone, sand and a mineral with copper, like azurite or malachite, that was heated to high temperatures. The result of this combination was an opaque dark blue glass that was triturated and mixed with a thickener to generate a varnish with a large lifespan.


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