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Boom in the preserved flower market

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Boom in the preserved flower market

The preserved flower market never stops growing and developing. Floral arrangements and compositions with preserved flowers are a cost-effective investment, which encourage business owners and individuals to use them for all kinds of situations or events.

Treated flowers and plants are ideal for making floral art compositions according to the needs and fashions in floral trends.

Preserved flowers are a good investment

The floral preservation treatment turns plants and flowers into long-lasting decorative pieces. With minimal maintenance and the correct conditions, floral decoration and arrangements with preserved plants can last for years.

Flowers and plants treated in this way offer a considerable saving and are a good investment for companies and individuals who need decorative floral compositions or fresh flowers on a regular basis. This is the case in homes, hotels and other accommodations, offices, places of business, clinics, health care facilities, waiting rooms, doctors’ offices, and so on. In many of these places it is not possible to decorate with fresh flowers and plants due to lack of sunlight and the continuous necessity to water and care for the plants. In the case of clinics or hospitals, their use is prohibited because of the possibility of allergies, insects, and stings.

Preserved flowers have another clear advantage over fresh flowers in bridal bouquets, banquets, parties and events, weddings, and celebrations of all kinds. The advantage is none other than their long-lasting nature and special maintenance conditions.

Unlike fresh plants, preserved plants do not need any specific conditions for their perfect conservation: they do not need sunlight nor do they need to be watered and you do not need to remove dry leaves or replace the flowers periodically so that you always have beautiful flowers. Fresh flowers are extremely delicate and ephemeral.

Generally, a fresh flower only lasts a few days in more or less optimum conditions. However, treated flowers and plants do not need any kind of special care or maintenance. This makes them the perfect option for the decoration of places where flowers can’t grow or places where interior plants with flowers are not permitted, like hospitals, paediatricians’ waiting rooms or homes for the elderly, to avoid the spreading of odours, allergies, mosquitos, etc.

Long-lasting results

It can seem that preserved flowers are more expensive than fresh flowers, although in reality this is not true. Generally, a preserved flower costs between 4 and 10 times more than the same fresh flower. However, preserved flowers last between 50 and 100 times longer than fresh flowers.

For example: replacing fresh flowers with preserved flowers in a floral arrangement of rose buds could have an annual saving of more than 90%. To this, add the convenience of not having to replace the flowers every week.
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