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Bouquets of preserved flowers

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Bouquets of preserved flowers

Preserved flower bouquets are always a good option both to give as gifts and to be used on special occasions, such as weddings. What types of wedding bouquets exist? how can they be made? what do we have to take into consideration? At Verdissimo we can help you! We are going to give you some ideas so you can create different bouquets of preserved flowers depending on the person, the situation, and what you want to convey. In addition, these ideas will also help you create all kinds of flower arrangements for the interior decoration of your home and office.


Discover original flower bouquets, casual, with one type of flower or many… Everything here: in our Verdissimo article!

Original flower bouquets

We want to start our article by talking to you about original flower bouquets. Original flower bouquets that always remain in your memories. They can be classic flower bouquets that are reinvented every year to continue to be one of the fundamental details of a ceremony or the perfect gift.

What to keep in mind for original flower bouquets?

These are the main aspects to take into account if you want to make original bouquets: the flowers, the fillings, and the shape of the bouquet.

Next, we explain in detail a little more of these aspects.

Flowers and fillers

Flowers and fillers are key to the success of any flower bouquet. Green plants and preserved flowers from Verdissimo are perfect because their beauty is unique and exclusive and they last a long time and can last for years.

To make flower bouquets with preserved flowers, you can count on different varieties such as preserved gardenias, orchids, or roses in different sizes among other flowers. You can also use greens, branches, and leaves that can serve as fillers for the bouquet.

The shape

To be original, the flower bouquet has to have a special shape. Different creations may be made depending on the relevance of the event. We detail the shapes the bouquet can have to be the most original of the moment.

  • Bouquet shape: This is one of the most known flower bouquets because of its elegance and sobriety. Its elaboration is perfect, the shape is completely spherical, symmetrical, and medium in size. They are the flower bouquets preferred by brides for their big day because of their uniqueness and are usually made by floral art professionals.
  • Cascade-shaped bouquet: These flower bouquets are very original and are also very popular for brides. Normally, they are made with orchids and with different eucalyptus leaves, although they can be made with other types of products too.
  • Berry Fest Bouquet: these are very original and romantic bouquets. The shape of this bouquet is very similar to the typical rose bouquet. They are very avant-garde and striking bouquets due to their size and color combination, mixing lights and darks and achieving a very impressive visual contrast.

Casual bouquets

One of the most fashionable trends is casual bouquets, even a little bit “chaotic”. The technique is basically to let flowers fall with a certain grace as if we had been on a walk through the fields and we had picked a good handful of wildflowers.

The wrapping

Forget about the traditional wrapper and select a more original one. A wrapper can stand out because of its shape and color, that is, for its design.

Another way to attract attention with the wrapping is with the materials. Some of the most avant-garde materials are fabrics, polypropylene, and plastic wrap.

Flower bouquets with one type of flower

Bouquets with only one type of flower are elegant, sober and are usually made up of the most spectacular blooms in the garden. Some ideas we propose are:

Bouquet of roses

Preserved roses are the most beautiful of all. We love red roses bouquets because of their size, color, and beauty. It’s one of the most common flower bouquets, nevertheless, it never goes out of fashion. We advise you to give a red roses bouquet to your partner or lover, white roses to a family member or friend in a ceremony such as a first communion or a wedding.

simbologia del numero de rosas en un ramo - verdissimo

Bouquets with several flowers

Select the colors of the flowers that you are going to combine to make the flower bouquet and try to have them be the same tone if you want to create an elegant bouquet. Prepare the leaves and place goldenrods to fill the flower arrangement and to give it a natural touch. Here we recommend some flowers for the composition of the bouquet:

Bouquet of gardenias and roses

Gardenias are beautiful flowers with which you can create very glamorous bouquets. Gardenia bouquets are fine and elegant and are loved by brides on their big day. A bouquet of gardenias of a single color is as beautiful as a bicolor bouquet, depending on the occasion, one will be better than the other.

Tipos de flores más idóneas para un ramo de novia - Verdissimo

Bouquet of roses and orchids

Preserved roses are perfect for any flower bouquet and even more if you combine them with Dendrobium Orchids. These small flowers have always been the protagonist of ceremonies and they give a minimalist, elegant and oriental touch to any floral composition.

Preserved flowers bridal bouquets

Flowers in general have a great role in ceremonies. They are essential for brides and this is why they take their time in selecting them, mainly in choosing the bridal bouquet.

If you want to know everything about preserved flowers bridal bouquets we recommend Reading our article Flower bouquets for brides, where we tell you how a good preserved flowers bouquet can become the center of attention if the flowers and branches are chosen carefully and wisely.


Preserved flowers for a bouquet

Some of the most common preserved flowers for bouquets are the following:

  • Roses: we have talked to you about them for making bouquets with only one type of flower. These flowers are also perfect to be combined. The queens of the garden!
  • Orchids: a distinctive flower that grows in a wide variety of sizes and can be found in a variety of colors.
  • Gardenias: a flower that is often compared to the rose because of its beauty and volume. You can also find it in a variety of colors and it’s the engagement flower in China. It also stands out that it has light green perennial leaves.
  • Chrysanthemums: the chrysanthemum is the symbol of nobility, it’s capable of adding volume and originality to bouquets, this is why it’s widely used.
  • Hydrangea: The main characteristic of hydrangeas is their volume. These flowers have a great history and there are between 70 to 75 different species. They are native from South and East Asia and have been cultivated since long ago as an ornamental plant in Japan.
  • Gerbera: The gerbera may also be used for bouquets. Today, its cultivation has become popular in some parts of the world. It’s very used, not only for bouquets but also for decoration purposes.

There are many more preserved flowers with which to make bouquets and all of them can be found in our product catalog.

Why make preserved flowers bouquets?

We advise you to always make your preserved flower bouquets. There are only advantages!

Bouquets made out of preserved flowers last for months and even years. Another advantage is their easy maintenance, they don’t need water or light, so your bouquet will be able to decorate the interior of your home for a long time.

In Verdissimo you will find a great variety of preserved plants and flowers and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.


Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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