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Bridal Bouquets

Weddings are no longer a seasonal affair, which means that any month may be chosen for beginning preparations: attire, venues for the ceremony and reception, list of invitees, and of course, choosing the bridal bouquet.

In general, flowers play a special role in weddings whether at the church (or any other place where the ceremony is held) or as centerpieces at the reception—we recommend the article “Wedding Centerpieces”—in hair accessories worn by female guests, decorations in the banquet hall, and obviously we can’t forget the bridal bouquet.

In this article we’re going to focus on bridal bouquets since a nice bouquet can be the center of attention if the flowers and greenery are chosen with care and skill.

Flowers for bridal bouquets

From Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we present four perfect flowers for creating bridal bouquets. Each one of these products is suitable for a floral composition in a certain color.

Below, we’ll give details about these flowers:


These are the most beautiful, highly-demanded flowers in the world. At Verdissimo we have roses in many colors, but for a ceremony we recommend white roses since they symbolize purity and innocence, as we explained in our article, “White roses: what do they signify?”. However, more brides are daring to use more vibrant roses, especially red roses or even blue roses for boho-style weddings.


These are the most suitable flowers if you want to create an elegant and sophisticated bridal bouquet. Our favorite color for a bouquet of gardenias is white (like roses), as well as light pink, which is a sweet and romantic color ideal for more classic and vintage brides. However, depending on the style of the wedding and dress, you can create beautiful bouquets with gardenias in other colors.


These flowers create very romantic compositions thanks to their warm colors, their shape, and their perfect dimensions. These flowers symbolize nature and simplicity, and for this reason many couples opt for hortensias (also known as hydrangeas) for the most important day of their lives.


The orchid is considered to be one of the most opulent, sophisticated and glamourous flowers in the world. They also represent femininity, which is why they are perfect for brides. Orchids are perfect for making cascading bouquets, although they look just as beautiful in any kind of bouquet. They keep well without water for quite a while, which is why they are also ideal for making many different floral compositions.


Chrysanthemum are a safe bet. These beautiful and resistant flowers are increasingly being used in bridal bouquets. Due to their extensive range of colours, they are very versatile and perfect for any kind of floral composition.

With these flowers, you can create bridal bouquets for your dream wedding.

Other options for bridal bouquets

Traditionally, bridal bouquets are made with flowers, usually with one of those we’ve mentioned above, or by combining several flowers in different colors.

However, in recent years, we’ve been seeing more brides opt for bouquets using eucalyptus, among others, which gives off a rustic and country-style effect. This is perfect for weddings using this style.

Also, oftentimes branches are mixed with flowers to create different, natural and simple bouquets.

This change in bouquet trends shows that more women are choosing current styles, especially those that define more millennial brides.

Preserved flowers for bridal bouquets

In several articles, we’ve mentioned how to use floral decoration. However, now from Verdissimo, we want to tell you why we recommend using preserved plants and flowers for bridal bouquets. These products will last much longer, while requiring little maintenance as they don’t need any water or light.

Why use preserved flowers on my wedding day?

Firstly, we are going to simply explain the concept of preserved flowers: Preservation is an advanced technical process whereby fresh flowers are cut when they are in their prime and they then go through an absorption process of a preserving liquid. This preserving liquid is natural, ecological, and biodegradable and it substitutes the fresh sap in the plants.

This is how flowers and plants that have undergone this process conserve their natural beauty and original appearance for months or even years.

Needing hardly any maintenance, we have a floral arrangement that is as beautiful as fresh flowers and that will not wither within a few days.

Floral compositions, and floral art in general, evolves with the possibility of using the preservation technique on flowers and plants.

In this sense, Verdissimo is a pioneer in work with preserved flowers, elevating this technique to levels of great quality and naturalness.

Can you imagine your bridal bouquet lasting for a long period of time? Now, with floral preservation it is no longer a dream, but a reality.

Advantages of floral preservation

We’ve already told you about preserved flowers and how the preservation process works. But do you know all the advantages of preserved flowers and the preservation process? As we mentioned above, the main benefit is being able to enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants in their original condition for a long period of time.

However, lifespan isn’t the only advantage. Before choosing these products, it’s important you know all the benefits of preserved products:

  • Ecological products. The preservation of flowers and plants is a natural process, carried out with biodegradable products. The final result is still a natural product as the preserving liquid is made from fresh plants and biodegradable products.
  • One of the greatest benefits of preserved flowers and plants is that they are excellent value for money, as the enjoyment of preserved flowers is better than buying fresh flowers.
  • Natural product. Preservation is carried out on entirely natural products, freshly-cut flowers and plants.

Don’t hesitate! Now that you know which are the most suitable flowers for bouquets and all the advantages of preserved products… choose a bridal bouquet with preserved flowers that will last forever! You’ll enjoy the memory for a long time.

And remember that at Verdissimo, you can buy preserved flowers and other products such as branches, trees, etc.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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