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Bridal bouquets with preserved flowers, a memento for life

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Bridal bouquets with preserved flowers, a memento for life

The floral decoration or flower arranging sector has been and still is important for all kinds of social ceremonies.

However, it is perhaps in weddings where floral art really takes centre stage and is an important element. If there exists an element, together with the rings, that has an essential role in a wedding ceremony, it is the flower bouquet. All eyes will be on the bouquet and it is here that floral art artists can express their ingenuity and taste, finding the perfect fusion between the bride, her dress, and the bouquet.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a new standard in floral arrangements; we want to explain to you what preserved flowers are and the advantages of having a bridal bouquet made from them.

Why use preserved flowers on my wedding day?

Firstly, we are going to simply explain the concept of preserved flowers: Preservation is an advanced technical process whereby fresh flowers are cut when they are in their prime and they then go through an absorption process of a preserving liquid. This preserving liquid is natural, ecological, and biodegradable and it substitutes the fresh sap in the plants.

This is how flowers and plants that have undergone this process conserve their natural beauty and original appearance for months or even years.

Needing hardly any maintenance, we have a floral arrangement that is as beautiful as fresh flowers and that will not wither within a few days.

Floral compositions, and floral art in general, evolves with the possibility of using the preservation technique on flowers and plants.

In this sense, Verdissimo is a pioneer in work with preserved flowers, elevating this technique to levels of great quality and naturalness.

Can you imagine your bridal bouquet lasting for a long period of time? Now, with floral preservation it is no longer a dream, but a reality.

Advantages of floral preservation

Obviously, considering we have just referred to, the main advantage of floral preservation is being able to enjoy the beauty of fresh flowers and plants in their original state for a longer period of time.

In floral decoration it is an important leap forward for decoration projects, but it is also important to know the many further advantages of floral preservation:

  • Ecological products. The preservation of flowers and plants is a natural process, carried out with biodegradable products. The final result is still a natural product as the preserving liquid is made from fresh plants and biodegradable products.
  • One of the greatest benefits of preserved flowers and plants is that they are excellent value for money, as the enjoyment of preserved flowers is better than buying fresh flowers.
  • Natural product. Preservation is carried out on entirely natural products, freshly-cut flowers and plants.

Don’t hesitate! Decide on a bridal bouquet with preserved flowers that will last forever and enjoy this memento for the rest of your life!

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