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Buying preserved, natural, dried or artificial flowers: what’s the best option?

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Buying preserved, natural, dried or artificial flowers: what’s the best option?

There are many types of flowers that you can use to interior decorate your home, office or even an event. These include: dried flowers, artificial flowers, natural flowers and preserved flowers.

comprar flores preservadas - verdissimo

Each type of flower is distinct, as well as its use. In this article, we at Verdissimo will tell you about the ideal flowers for every time and place.

Preserved flowers

Preserved flowers are completely natural flowers that have undergone a process known as preservation. The idea behind preservation is that these natural flowers keep their beauty over time without needing maintenance.

These flowers are mostly used for interior decoration. However, on occasion preserved products have been used for decorating large events (of short-medium length) abroad.

Preserved flowers have numerous advantages. We’ll tell you about them below:

  • They’re natural flowers: water has been replaced by a preserving liquid to keep their beauty.
  • They’re ecological flowers: they have low energy consumption.
  • They’re versatile flowers: with these flowers, you can create a myriad of different floral compositions and arrangements.
  • They’re economical flowers: keeping in mind the lifespan and quality of these products, they’re very affordable.

If you want find out everything about the advantages of preserved flowers, we recommend reading the article “Advantages of preserved flowers”.

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers have a lot of uses, especially for indoors. Usually they’re used for decorating homes, offices, restaurants and other spaces, both public and private.

Many people opt for buying artificial flowers because of their many advantages:

  • They’re completely free of pests and diseases: they don’t produce allergies and don’t attract bugs, making them very safe for homes.
  • They don’t need maintenance: maintenance for artificial plants is minimal. The only thing they need is to be cleaned once in a while to not collect dust.
  • They’re economical: they’re affordable compared to other types of flowers, especially factoring in their lifespan.

Despite the number of advantages that artificial flowers have, such as their practicality, at the design level, they’re very limited accessories. Their appearance and texture are quite far from natural flowers, which is a negative point to note.

Dried flowers

As we’ve mentioned in the article “Dried flowers for interior decorating”, dried flowers are often used in interior decoration. These flowers, despite their benefits, such as maintenance, have a disadvantage in common with artificial flowers: design limitations.

It’s true that they’re increasingly ‘sought after.’ However, depending on your design aspirations, we should note that natural flowers always give us more options as far as interior decoration is concerned.

Natural flowers

Natural flowers have mainly these advantages:

  • They’re aromatic: natural plants are advantageous because they produce very pleasant scents in spaces, acting as natural air fresheners.
  • They’re relaxing: natural flowers relax rooms, reducing anxiety and nervousness caused by everyday life.
  • They purify the air: natural flowers absorb carbon dioxide in their surroundings and transform it into oxygen. They also provide humidity in spaces, a plus for respiratory processes.
  • Design: at the design level, natural flowers are beautiful and give you the option of making many floral arrangements and compositions.

As you already know, buying natural flowers has many advantages. However, they have several significant disadvantages: they don’t last forever and also require maintenance such as adequate water and light for the type of plant or flower.

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