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The applications of preserved products for Christmas

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decoracion navidad - verdissimo

The applications of preserved products for Christmas

As you know, Christmas is a religious holiday that is celebrated on December 25. However, nobody – not in stores, streets or homes – waits until this date to begin Christmas decorating.

decoracion navidad - verdissimo

At Verdissimo, we know there’s an entire “culture” around Christmas decoration and for many of you, it’s the most important holiday of the year.

That’s why, from the largest wholesaler for the production of preserved plants, we’re dedicating this article to telling you which plants are most suitable for Christmas, why choose Verdissimo products for your decoration, what colors are most common and how to make the perfect Christmas table decoration. Here we go!

Verdissimo products for Christmas

The Verdissimo products you choose for Christmas decoration will maintain their beauty over time, without needing water or light, so they hardly need any maintenance. It’s possible for these products to stay in perfect condition until next Christmas and, best of all, they’re 100% natural products, which is why they look so lovely.

The durability of preserved products makes these plants and flowers the perfect elements for making Christmas floral compositions, including Christmas centerpieces and Christmas floral arrangements, which can be placed anywhere, such as a living room, hallway, bedroom, etc.

Below, we’ll talk about the main applications of preserved products for Christmas:

Christmas table decoration with Verdissimo products

Christmas table decoration is one of the most important aspects of this holiday, since the entire family comes together at the table both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

That’s why, at Verdissimo, we’ve given a lot of thought to table decoration. Typically this decoration focuses on the color red, with green, silver or gold touches. It’s very common to see candles, Christmas ornaments and plants decorating the Christmas table. However, candles definitely take on the greatest prominence.

Oftentimes, this decoration focuses on white and bright colors. If the decoration is well done and thought-out, you won’t miss the absence of red.

Here’s an example of a centerpiece that you can make by combining some Christmas items with preserved roses.

decoracion mesa navidad - verdissimo

Christmas floral arrangements with Verdissimo products

Christmas floral arrangements follow in the same footsteps as centerpieces. Typically, red shades are used and combined with plants from the Christmas season. You can also use gold or silver Christmas elements to give a different flair, or even hang up lights. Many people don’t want to put up a Christmas tree, but they do want to decorate their home. Using floral arrangements that meet these requirements, you’ll have the perfectly decorated home.

Next we’ll show you an example of a floral arrangement using red flowers suitable for placing in many rooms of your home: living room, hallways, bedroom, etc.

arreglos florales navidad - verdissimo

Verdissimo Christmas plants

As we’ve mentioned in the article “Christmas flowers for achieving a rustic flair,” the perfect Christmas plants and flowers for this holiday are the following:

Thuja: This is a conifer from the Northern Hemisphere. Normally, it’s a branch that’s used as a filler. However, at Christmas it takes on greater prominence and is often used alone to decorate any interior spaces.

Oak: This is the name used to refer to the Quercus family. Like Thuja, oak is a branch that normally is used in compositions as a filler. However, during the holidays, this branch fills up space on its own, mostly thanks to its wintry and Christmassy look.

Beech: This is also a branch. Normally it’s used in floral art, combined with other floral products. At Christmas, just like Thuja and Oak, it’s capable of decorating both homes and offices alone, without needing other products.

As you can see, Christmas is a holiday where both homes and workplaces are usually decorated with branches and greenery, not with Christmas flowers. This happens even in countries where Christmas falls in summer.

However, there are some flowers that have a place during this holiday. These are Hydrangeas, which give off that touch of color and impact in decoration.

With many plants and branches we’ve mentioned, you can make a lovely wreath for this holiday to hang on any door of your home or office, and even on the walls.

corona de flores - verdissimo

Christmas trees

Christmas trees are emblematic of this holiday. Although some are reluctant to put them up, few homes don’t have one. At Verdissimo, we have different preserved trees that you can use to decorate any space this year, using ornaments and other typical decorative objects this holiday. What’s the benefit of these trees? Well, their appearance is natural and can last in perfect condition over a long time.

In the following image, we’ll show you an example of decorating with a Christmas tree.

arbol de navidad - verdissimo

The most common colors for Christmas decoration

The colors that, without a doubt, represent Christmas are the following:

  • Red: red is the most emblematic color of Christmas. It’s the color of Santa Claus and represents all of humanity during this season.
  • Green: green is one of the main colors of Christmas. It’s the color of pine trees, representing the holiday’s connection with nature, which is very related to Christmas. Also, green is the color that symbolizes calm and relaxation, two emotions very connected to Christmas.
  • White: white is the color of snow and winter, and is another color that represents Christmas. Snowy trees, Christmas ornaments, pine cones with white snow, etc. We can find this color in a variety of objects used in our Christmas decoration.
  • Bright colors: Christmas is the best season for decorating with bright colors. It’s the holiday where this is most accepted and usually these colors are found in decoration, as well as in clothing, etc. The most common bright colors are usually gold and silver, typically combined with some of the colors mentioned above.

Although these colors are the most emblematic of Christmas, often we can see decoration that uses other colors, for example shades of blue.

Now you know the best ideas for Christmas decorating, especially which products and colors to choose, so there’s no excuse!

Your family is sure to love how your home turns out, especially how you’ve decorated the table where you’ll undoubtedly share an unforgettable day.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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