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Coffee Shop Decoration – Trends for 2021

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Decoración cafeterias - Verdissimo

Coffee Shop Decoration – Trends for 2021

Nowadays, preparing a good meal is not everything to stand out for the public. Coffee shops, as well as restaurants, hotels, etc., can’t overlook the decoration because it’s useful to lure customers in. They take it all into account! For this reason, from Verdissimo, we know the importance that interior decoration has taken in the last year’s in these spaces, we have wanted to make an article where we gather the main trends in coffee shop decoration.

Decoración cafeterias - Verdissimo

Coffee shop decoration trends for 2023

These are the main coffee shop decoration transfer this year:

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a must-have for 2023. They became trendy a few years ago and we haven’t stopped seeing them in fashionable restaurants in Madrid and other cities. Hanging plants are a good way to give a special touch to a coffee shop without the need of decorating with furniture that takes away openness from the space.

Learn more about Hanging Plants

Interior Trees

Interior trees are another option. You can find them to decorate coffee shops of different styles and sizes. We recommend them for coffee shops that are a little bit bigger, although some coffee shops with a reduced size and trees in strategic places are, no doubt, a good option. Remember that the products that you use must always be interior plants and trees.

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Limited Spaces

Decoration this year has been marked by limiting spaces. There’s no doubt that it’s a trend that has originated as a consequence of COVID-19, that has even made interior decoration change its course. Now, the decoration in restaurants, stores, and coffee shops… has been led to define different spaces. Waiting area, paying spaces, table spaces, etc.


Dividers created with vegetation, for example vertical walls created with preserved moss, or materials such as crystal, or even dividers created with trees or wicker are a key trend this season.

In Verdissimo we have many products that can help you create dream dividers, visit our preserved products catalog to discover them.

catalogue preserved

Ideas for coffee shop interior

In this section, we will give you some ideas for act successful coffee shop interior decoration. Pay attention to each one of them and take these ideas as good advice.

  1. Use functional furniture

One of the best ideas that we can share with you is that you use functional furniture. With “functional” we are talking about practical, not only esthetic furniture. Most of all, if the coffee shop is a small one. Here we give you some examples: a stool that is comfortable to sit in, but it is also a chest for storage or dividers that are not only used to separate spaces, but they are also used to store dishes, etc.

  1. Use corporate colors

The colors you use to decorate your coffee shop must incorporate your corporate colors. You can use them in cushions, walls, flowers… but make use of them. It wouldn’t make sense to use other colors. If your corporate colors are too intense, you can decorate the cafeteria with neutral tones and add small accent colors along with the corporate ones.

  1. Coherence

Coherence must prevail in your coffee shop. This means that, as much as you like oriental decoration, if you serve American food in your coffee shop…you cannot use oriental decoration! The interior decoration must be coherent with the type of coffee shop you have so it turns into another marketing element.

  1. Take size into consideration

Don´t decorate randomly. Take everything into consideration, especially size. It´s not the same to decorate a small coffee shop as a large one. You have to think in all the details, for example a small one looks better with round tables, a large one looks better with square ones, a small one looks better with hanging plants and wall decorations … it´s fundamental to take into consideration square feet.
decoracion coffee shop - verdissimo

Coffee shop decoration styles

There are endless decoration styles. In this article we are going to talk about those that head the trending styles lists:

  • Tropical style: Tropical style, characterized by green tones and vegetation such as palm trees is one of the styles most in demand. Many coffee shops have adopted this trend and through plants, flowers, woods, painted paper, etc. they create spaces that make you travel to tropical worlds in a moment.
  • Modern Style: the interior decoration of modern coffee shops is a very minimalist decoration style that looks to achieve orderly spaces and very uniform lines. For the decoration of coffee shops in this style very sober colors are used, for example blacks, whites, light greys, darks, etc.
  • Vintage Style: vintage decoration is one of the styles that is most in demand to decorate coffee shops this season. How do we achieve the decoration of a vintage coffee shop? A decoration with aged furniture or elements with gold details. It’s a decoration that lets you travel to the past.

coffe shop decoration - verdissimo

As we have said, there are many more, such as boho, farmhouse, country, Nordic … although without a doubt, the most trending styles this year, 2023, are vintage, modern, and tropical.

How do you like bar and coffee shop decoration? What do you think is going to be trending what is left of 2023? Tell us what is your favorite coffee shop because of its decoration!


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