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Colors that go well together

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Colors that go well together

The Verdissimo team dedicates this article to telling you all about colors that go together perfectly and we’ll give you some tips to learn how to match colors to create dreamy spaces.

Which colors go together

Wondering what colors go well together? There are numerous colors that match and many you can use for decorating your home or office space, as well as creating floral compositions and even clothing combinations.

We’ll show you some of the main colors and their possible color schemes, including those that go well on walls, furniture, etc.

  • White: is a color that gives off freshness and radiance, and also matches perfectly with the rest of the color wheel, regardless of how you’re going to use it.
  • Red: is a very vibrant color, a symbol of passion. To match with this color, you must be more cautious than with white. Some colors that go well with it are white, green, blue and even black, which creates a striking contrast.
  • Blue: is another color that expresses freshness. Depending on where you use it, it goes perfectly with reds, yellows and even violets.
  • Black: is a color, like white, that goes well with many colors. However, if you want to give a composition a unique flair using black, it’s important you consider selecting more lively colors that add a little life, such as reds, greens, whites, yellows, etc.
  • Pink: in its pastel shade, it’s a soft color that we adore. It’s capable of giving a romantic touch to a space, look, etc. To create contrast, we opt to combine it with brighter colors, such as mustard, green shades, etc.
  • Brown: there are many brown shades. However, they all match with brighter colors and even pastel shades. It’s a color that goes well with white, green, red, mustard, pink, orange, etc. Try to avoid matching this color with other dark, strong colors such as navy blue and black.

Colors that go well together in decoration

Previously, we’ve mentioned which colors match, but… which go well together in decoration and in today’s trends?

We’re going to tell you how to combine interior décor colors and we’re also going to tell you about the feelings that some colors transmit:

Pinks: pale pink shades are perfect for combining with the light-colored wood, such as, for example, oak-colored materials. This is a light color, so it provides a sense of spaciousness, and it’s also somewhat eye-catching, providing a very personal, warm touch.

Whites: white is a color that combines well with the entire chromatic palette, as we’ve mentioned previously. Depending on the decorative style you’re looking for (boho, Scandinavian, etc.). Depending on what sort of look you’re going for, you can combine it with more vibrant colors or softer ones, such as light grays, pinks, etc.

Blues: this is a cooler color that creates feelings of relaxation. It combines perfectly with many colors, so find the one that’s best suited to the style that you want: grays, whites, yellows, browns, etc.

At Verdissimo we know that color is one of the most fundamental elements of home décor. Knowing how to combine colors when decorating and selecting them based on the season and creating successful combinations is the key to making your home picture-perfect.

How to match colors

To know how to match colors, you’ll need get yourself a color wheel. Using this wheel, you can make the color schemes below:

Complementary scheme

This is a color scheme primarily aimed at creating contrast. To get this scheme, you simply have to select colors that are located opposite each other on the color wheel.

Triad scheme

This color scheme is created by three color families that are evenly spaced around the color wheel (creating a triangle). With these combinations, you’ll make a vibrant, yet harmonious scheme.

Analogous scheme

The analogous scheme uses colors from three or more families located right next to each other on the color wheel. With this combination, you’ll create a very comfortable and warm feel, inspired by nature.

Tetradic scheme

This color scheme is made up of four colors: one of them is dominant, two of them are complementary and the other creates a color accent. In this scheme, four color families are used, creating very lively combinations.

The 60/30/10 Rule

The 60/30/10 rule, based on the golden ratio, establishes the perfect ratio for combining colors successfully. Here’s how it works:

  • Dominant color: the dominant color should consist of approximately 60% of the color present in the space. Normally this is the color of the walls and some other elements. Since it has to make up the majority of the percentage of the space, it’s almost always a soft, neutral color: white, light gray, pale pink, beige, etc.
  • Secondary color: this color makes up 30% of the space. It needs to perfectly complement the dominant color. Select it carefully because it’s usually the color that draws all the attention. Usually elements such as furniture, rugs, or curtains are this color.
  • Accent: this is the color that provides accent. It represents 10% of the total color in the space and is made up of small elements such as throw pillows, vases, pictures, lamps, etc. This accent can also be achieved with preserved flowers and plants, which can keep their beauty for a long time with no need for water or sunlight.

Now that you know how to match colors, you’re definitely ready to create unique spaces that foster harmony and awaken our senses, all at the same time.

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