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Decorating indoor dry fountains with preserved plants

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Decorating indoor dry fountains with preserved plants

Up until a short while ago, interiors were limited to fairly conventional ideas as far as decoration is concerned. Now, they have become undeniable creative spaces, which are designed to excite the senses.

Large shopping centres, clothes shops, restaurants, hotels…everything is thought out so that nobody is left indifferent, and this is achieved with unique and stunning decoration. And, of course, decoration in the home has also evolved to create relaxed spaces and cosy atmospheres.

Without doubt, one of the most groundbreaking trends in interior design and decoration is “green decoration”. Anything ecological is a success, and if we also add beauty and good value, we have the perfect formula.

Decorate in a different way with preserved flowers

Placing a dry fountain in patios or indoor gardens is an idea that always works. Dry fountains add serenity, elegance and refinement. The presence of a fountain, either natural or artificial, enhances any space. If they also have beautiful plant decoration, the visual effect is much more striking.

The problem is that it is not always possible to have fresh plants because of the lack of sunlight or the necessity to water them constantly.

This problem is easily resolved with preserved plants. The preservation technique allows plants to maintain their natural appearance for a long time with hardly any maintenance. Preservation allows us to create all kinds of long-lasting and original floral compositions.

The plants are treated with 100% natural products, and they do not need any kind of maintenance. They are ecological and economic, and are perfect for decorating indoor dry fountains, for example.

The result achieved is surprisingly real. Using leafy plants, like lichens, will achieve a “wet” effect, typical of a water element. We remind you that preserved flowers shouldn’t be in touch with water. That’s the reason it’s always talked about dry fountains. At Verdissimo, you will find different varieties to create an original design: mix natural lichen, with green lichen or light green lichen and combine it with papyrus and . You will have a perfectly natural plant finish!

If you need inspiration, download Verdissimo’s new catalogue. Apart from having an extensive variety of preserved plants and flowers, you will find many DIY tips and advice so that you can make your own floral compositions.

Discover decorative possibilities and long-lasting floral art with the preservation technique!

At Verdissimo, you will find an incredible variety of preserved plants and flowers and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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