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Decorating interiors with preserved trees

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Decorating interiors with preserved trees - Verdissimo

Decorating interiors with preserved trees

In architecture and interior design, decoration has an aesthetic function, but without doubt what is most important is the effect it has on physical and mental health.

Decorating interiors with preserved trees - Verdissimo

It is the same when it comes to decorating! When we see floral compositions, plants or trees in indoor spaces, we should keep in mind that we are not just enjoying looking at a pretty floral arrangement. When we are surrounded by flowers and plants we also feel good and feel relaxed. This is exactly what plant and floral decoration is used for.

How to decorate with plants in indoor spaces

It is not always possible to decorate with fresh plants in indoor spaces. There are many reasons for this: lack of sunlight, the need to water them continuously or to replace withered plants…all of this means high costs and conditions that are not always ideal. How do you solve this problem so you can make your flower arrangement? Verdissimo has the solution!

Preserved flowers and tree for interior decoration

Airports, hospitals, museums, convention and banquet halls…all of these places need plant and floral interior decoration to create the desired atmosphere. Preserved plants, foliage and trees are perfect for this. Their appearance is 100% natural and they don’t need any maintenance or special care.

Verdissimo’s preserved plants are ecological and economic. And they create endless possibilities in interior decoration: centrepieces, vertical decoration, wall compositions, indoor gardens, green spaces in places without light…!

Advantages of decorating interiors with preserved plants and flowers

Preserved plants and flowers are great value for money. They are long-lasting and they don’t need any special care. It’s enough to dust them every now and then and that’s it!

Their characteristics make them ideal for decorating buildings and enclosed spaces: long-lasting, economic, ecological, they don’t need maintenance or sunlight…This is why architects and interior decorators don’t hesitate to put preserved trees and plants in their buildings and indoor spaces.

Preservation allows flowers and plants to maintain their 100% natural appearance for a long time. This is why they are perfect for places that need to have plants on a continuous basis. And, of course, they are always perfect for your personalised floral art compositions! Now you won’t have to limit the decorative possibilities for your home or workplace because there is no direct sunlight. Thanks to preserved flowers, you can create your own floral compositions and arrangements in a personal and original way.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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