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How to decorate an office?

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How to decorate an office?

Decorating an office is very important to create a good working environment and give off a good image to clients. For this reason, from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers and also decoration lovers, we’ll tell you how to decorate an office in this post.

Below we’ll give you 6 tips that will help you know how to easily decorate a work office.

Keep these tips in mind and get to work. They’re simple tips that you can absolutely try out

We’ll go into more detail for each one of these tips to show you how to it Verdissimo-style.

1. Choose wall colors

Choosing wall colors to decorate an office isn’t an easy task. What should you keep in mind? Basically, the type of business and industry you’re in. It’s not the same to decorate a law firm, marketing agency or interior design company. However, the ideal colors for decorating an office in terms of Feng Shui are the following:

  • White and gray: These colors are pure and can be a good option for a more ‘formal’ industry office such as: consulting, law firm, etc. These colors create clean and organized environments.
  • Green: Green is a color that symbolizes growth, which makes it a suitable option for a business. Also, green in light shades is capable of significantly reducing visual fatigue. We adore it for industries related to nature, such as florists, pet shops and even tourism offices.
  • Lavender: Lavender is a very balanced color and is perfect for encouraging mental concentration, which is key for an office. In light shades, it’s also perfect for many types of business offices such as those related to fashion and aesthetics.

2. Create clean spaces

An office is a workplace, where people need to concentrate and make the most of the day. To achieve this, as we’ve mentioned above, it’s necessary to create a good environment. From Verdissimo, we recommend you go for the famous ‘less is more’ motto from Van der Rohe, creating clean spaces with the right furniture and without overwhelming the space.

3. Choose the right style

Before beginning to decorate your office, it’s necessary to choose the right style for it. But how? Keep in mind that you’ll give off a certain image depending on the style. For this reason, it’s best you keep in mind the industry, among other things. For example, for a law firm you can opt for more minimalist styles. On the other hand, for a marketing agency you can be a little more daring and go for more boho styles.

There are numerous decorative styles: farmhouse, Scandinavian, Nordic, minimalist, sailor, boho chic, country-style, rustic, etc.

If you want to find out more about these decorative styles, we recommend reading our article: “The most important decorative styles”, which talks about which decorative styles are trending this season.

I want to know the most important decorative styles!

4. Decorate walls

Decorating walls plays an important role in office decoration. You can hang pictures, shelves or even vertical gardens with preserved moss.

Vertical gardens with preserved moss have become very trendy in office decoration, as well as in restaurants, clothing stores, etc. That’s because they give that touch of naturalness and color, which is ideal for any space.

They’re a great idea for giving a fresh flair to your office!

banner musgo preservado ING - verdissimo

5. Decorate with trees and flowers

To decorate offices, just like homes and other spaces, we recommend using trees and plants.

Both trees and flowers are capable of creating natural spaces that bring great color: green, lilac, pink, yellow, etc.

Usually trees are used to decorate corners of offices, entryways, interior patios, etc. On the other hand, flowers are used to decorate tables and shelves.

What are the best flowers and trees to decorate offices? There are numerous products that are suitable for offices, including gardenias, roses and palm trees like the Phoenix palm.

6. Use preserved products

Wondering what the best products for decorating an office are? At Verdissimo, we know all products (natural and artificial) have advantages and disadvantages. But have you heard about preserved products?

They’re perfect products for decorating offices for several reasons. First, these products are completely natural, so they’re as beautiful as freshly cut products. Also, they don’t require hardly any maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about their care at all. They don’t need light or water to survive either!

Because preserved products don’t require maintenance and last a long time (for months or even years), they’re very affordable.

Now that you know how to decorate an office, you have no excuses. Don’t forget the aesthetics of the office because, as we’ve mentioned earlier, you give off a certain image through the office style.

Finally, if you have a small space for your studio or office and don’t know how to decorate a small office, remember that using light colors will give it more openness. Buy the right furniture to create walkable paths and don’t overwhelm the space. You can also separate the space into sections by strategically placing furniture.

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