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Decorating offices with preserved plants

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Decorating offices with preserved plants

An office is a place of work. We spend many hours a day there and this is why it is important to make the office a comfortable and pleasant space. Working in a good atmosphere encourages productivity, which is why every detail has to be taken care of. This also applies to the aesthetics of the facilities!

Plants can and should be an important part of office decoration and not just ornamental elements. Plants help to create an ideal environment to carry out work activities. They are important for the psychological health of workers, reducing stress and giving a feeling of wellbeing. All of this makes the person feel at ease in their workplace, thereby increasing their productivity.

Office decoration ideas

Decorating offices is a relatively new application of floral art. It involves decorating enclosed spaces in an attractive way using different floral and shrub elements. Generally, the waiting rooms, offices and halls in office buildings are usually neutral places, with no visual richness. Thanks to plants, these environments are enriched and a relaxed work atmosphere is created, which is more attractive for clients.

Below we’ll talk about some decorative styles that are trendy this season:

  • Minimalist style: this decorative style is timeless for offices. With this style, clean and harmonious spaces are achieved. Typically neutral colors are used.

  • Nordic style: the Nordic or Scandinavian style is also a clean style that uses neutral colors, especially white and gray. However, sometimes small color accents are used to create more lively spaces.

  • Boho style: this style is less suitable for decorating offices. However, for some industries, such as fashion, floristry, etc., it may be perfect for the office. This style is achieved with bright colors and the combination of different textures.

Office decoration with flowers

Verdissimo is an expert in advising on and supplying the most appropriate floral decoration for your business.  Preserved plants are a practical, ecological and economic solution, with endless possibilities and easy maintenance.

We would like to present to you some of the preserved plants from our catalogue which could be ideal for your office decoration:

  • Fox Tail: Used in centrepieces or aquariums. They can be used in the forefront, developing a small garden.
  • Pittosporum: Plant of Oceanic and Asian origin, which is used in compositions of a certain size.
  • Papyrus: The papyrus that grows next to rivers is very suitable for this kind of decoration. They can be used as small plants or put into glass tubes.
  • Lavender: Originally an aromatic flower, it is very attractive because of its purple colour. They can be tied in little bunches with natural fibres or placed in glass vases. They give a fresh and relaxed touch to any room.

All these products are preserved. These preserved products are natural plants and flowers that have undergone a 100% plant-friendly preservation process, so they maintain their original appearance and colors over time. They don’t require direct light (something typically scarce in offices), or watering. Caring for them is minimal, since the only cleaning required is removing dust and dirt. They only need cool, dry places.

Remember that for interior decoration projects, preserved plants and flowers are your best friends.

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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