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decorating stands - verdissimo

Decorating Stands

Are you going to a fair or exhibition soon? Can’t stop thinking about how to decorate your stand? In this article, we’ll help you out! We’ll tell you what is important for decorating stands for a fair and we’ll also give you some tips and ideas to inspire you.

decorating stands - verdissimo

Why is it important to have a good stand at a fair or exhibition?

Your stand at a fair or exhibition is how you promote a company. Your success depends largely on the decoration and what can attract visitors to the event. In fairs and exhibitions, we’re joined by many companies that are our competition, so it’s necessary to have an attractive stand that captures the attention of people at the event.

Your stand is responsible for conveying the philosophy and essence of the company or brand in a visual way, so it must be done carefully.

So, what can you achieve with a good stand?

Below, we’ll list everything a stand can do at a fair or exhibition:

  • It can help you get recognition at any event: exhibition, fair, etc.
  • It can convey the philosophy of your company and its corporate culture.
  • It can attract possible clients.
  • It can make you stand out from the competition.

Tips for decorating stands that impress

Do you want a stand that impresses people? To get one, follow the tips in this section: keep the goal of the stand clear, choose the product you’re going to promote, keep in mind the location of the stand, its size and its distribution.

We’ll go into detail below!

  1. Keep the goal of the stand clear: the decoration of the stand will depend of your goal. It’s not the same to show products at a stand, compared with demonstrations on how to use them. A stand for demonstrations requires greater size and much more functional decoration, while a stand for showing or selling products requires more decorative elements.
  2. Choose the right product you want to promote/sell: before thinking about the decoration, you should be clear about the goal and what products you want to promote. This is key for decoration, because it will mark the theme and style of the decoration.
  3. Keep in mind the location of the stand: where will the stand be located? Why is location important? This location is relevant because depending on where it is in relation to the fair or exhibition, the stand will stand out more or less. For example: for more hidden stands, go for creative decoration capable of attracting visitors.
  4. Pay attention to the distribution and size of the stand: the size and distribution are key for decorating any space… especially for decorating stands! If it’s small, opt for light colors that illuminate and functional furniture. On the other hand, if the stand is big, you can play with the distribution and use more vibrant colors.

We hope that these tips help you create a stand that boosts your sales and attracts all the visitors at the exhibition. Remember that decoration is key for capturing attention, so… don’t neglect it! It could be a way to achieve success at any event.

Ideas for decorating a stand

We’ll give you some ideas for decorating stands for exhibitions, showing you some examples of Verdissimo’s stand decoration:

Exhibition of products

decoracion de stands img1 - verdissimo

Show off your main products at your stand to attract people to the event. Use the most vibrant colors and create a colorful, clean and natural environment. In the image we’ve shown you, a stand from our company showcases one of our star products to visitors: preserved roses in different colors. The goal of this stand? To show possible clients the quality of a star product.

Exhibiting what can be achieved with the products

decoracion de stands img2 - verdissimo

Sometimes showing a product isn’t enough and possible clients need to know what can be achieved with these products and what the result can be. To do that, you can create stands like ours, where you show what the company does with what it sells. In the image above, we’ll show you a frog made with preserved roses in different colors, a composition created to show off at a stand.

A stand focused on trends

decoracion de stands img3 - verdissimo

Another idea we’ll mention in this post is a stand focused on trends. Specifically, making a stand so you can show products that fit the latest trends. In the image above, we’ll show you an example of a stand that showcases preserved moss in a vertical garden, a must-have for decoration in recent seasons.

From Verdissimo, we hope we’ve helped you get to know some of the most relevant details in decorating stands for fairs.

If you have any other ideas that can help our readers, let us know in the comments. We hope to read everything you’ve done with your stands!

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