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Decoration with flowers and hanging plants

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decoration with flowers and hanging plants - verdissimo

Decoration with flowers and hanging plants

Plants and flowers are truly beautiful elements in decoration. Normally we see these decorative elements on tables, in corners of houses, in interior and exterior gardens, but… and hanging from the ceiling or hanging from the wall? Hanging flowers and plants have now become fashionable decoration with and the truth is that… we couldn’t like it anymore!

decoration with flowers and hanging plants - verdissimo

Here in Verdissimo, we will talk about this type of decoration, what you should take into account before using these type of products, where you can decorate with hanging flowers and plants, etc.

Read on, and don’t miss the most important details about this trend in decoration.

What should you know before using hanging flowers?

Before using hanging flowers, you have to take into account, especially if the space is indoors or outdoors.

Remember that hanging flowers need a secure place to grow, so you’ll need walls or ceilings to hang the floral compositions.

Also, if these products are preserved, remember that if the spaces are in the exterior and the products are sun-damaged, they can also be spoiled. However, in indoor areas… you won’t have any problems! All preserved hanging products will remain intact for a long time and without needing any maintenance, as they do not need light or water to preserve their beauty.

Where can you use flowers and hanging plants?

Here are some places or moments where you can use flowers and hanging plants for decoration:


At many events, especially in those indoor events that have ceilings and walls where flowers and plants are placed, it is possible to place this type of decoration at events.

At events, centrepieces can be combined with hanging arrangements for eye-catching and abundant decor. And even mix them with candles, coloured light bulbs, dusters, fruit, etc.

Some of the most common events for this type of decoration are:

  • Weddings: This type of decoration adapts very well to any wedding style and offers many different possibilities.
  • Baptisms: Although it is less common to see decoration with hanging plants at baptisms… it is possible! However, at baptisms, spaces are usually decorated with fewer flowers than at weddings.
  • Communions:just as it happens in baptisms, at communions, it is less common to see decoration with hanging plants, however, it is a beautiful option if during this day you want to decorate with these elements.
  • Birthdays:Birthday parties… another event option for this type of decoration!
  • Parties:at different parties, for example at company parties, Christmas parties, etc., you can also decorate spaces with hanging plants.


In trendy Madrid restaurants, it is common to see this type of decoration. We see restaurants with different types of hanging compositions from ceilings, and even on walls. Restaurants where plant elements have become the centre of attention. We love bold and spectacular restaurants decoration!


Hotels are another place where it is possible to decorate with flowers and hanging plants. They can be placed at reception, in hallways, in rooms, and even in the hotel restaurant. Depending on the decoration and style of the hotel, it will be convenient to use one type of hanging plants or another, in some areas or in others… the style of decoration will mark all these details!


Although it is less common to decorate with hanging plants in homes, every day you see more. In homes, the most common thing is to decorate the tables and other items with flowers and plants, but not ceilings or walls… However, now, it has become quite a fashion followed by interior designers and decorators of different styles.


The decoration Office will be able to add a touch of joy to any space. If for reasons of space you prefer not to decorate with flowers and plants on tables or in any type of furniture, or on the floor, etc. It is best to go for hanging decorations on walls and ceilings! You’ll add that final touch without needing extra space.


Decoration ideas with flowers and hanging plants from Verdissimo

Here are some ideas for decorating hanging plants and flowers for events, for your office, and even for your home.

Hanging ceiling plants

decoracion con flores y plantas colgantes img1 - verdissimo

In this image, we show you how hanging plants from the ceiling appear. A perfect decoration for a place like a restaurant, for example.

Hanging wall plants

In the image above, we show you hanging wall plants, accompanied by beautiful pots. A must- have in decoration!

Decoration with lamps with flowers

Another of the trends at the moment are lamps with flowers. It’s a good way to bet for vegetable decoration without losing space and providing that natural and fresh touch. The lamps have always played a very important role in space decoration , you can find them in in different types and material, to provide white light or a warmer yellow light. They can be long ( hanging) or they can be close to the ceiling. Did you ever imagine that they could be combined with plants or flowers? Or even be made out of plants and flowers?

Next, through some images, we are going to share with you ideas about the decoration with lamps with flowers.

In the next images we showed you a very interesting option. A combination of plants in different colors (browns, coppers, greens, and maroon) with a fall style combined with very small yellow lights (in a garland style) that provide environments with the desired warm and romantic touch. A perfect idea for bar zones and chill restaurants, and even for hotels or interior events with a fall-winter theme.

Decoration lamps with Flowers - VerdissimoDecoration with lamps with Greens - Verdissimo

Lastly, we show you another option that can go together with many types of businesses, even in homes. It consists in placing strings of lights in the ceiling, together with vegetable compositions made out of greens in a lateral space. The greens can be coupled with eucalyptus branches and other types of preserved products.

Lamps Walls - Verdissimo

The possibilities of decoration with hanging interior plants are numerous and can be perfectly adapted to the style of each venue or event and to the tastes and styles of decoration that everyone wants: from classic to vintage, romantic, tropical, minimal, etc.

Without a doubt, decorating with hanging plants is an increasing trend, both the decoration of gardens with hanging plants and the decoration of enclosed spaces, a perfect trend to decorate spaces, even those with minimalist style, bringing joy and prominence to these elements, and creating an extremely welcoming atmosphere.

If you want more information about Verdissimo’s hanging products…contact us! Or check out our catalogue, there you can see the perfect products to make beautiful hanging floral compositions.


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