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The most important decoration styles

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los estilos de decoracion mas importantes - verdissimo

The most important decoration styles

Need inspiration to decorate your home? In this article, we would like to tell you which decorative styles are trend-setting this 2018.

los estilos de decoracion mas importantes - verdissimo

At Verdissimo, we love interior decoration styles. We know there are numerous different styles, but we want to focus on those that have defined decoration in 2018 in some way.

These styles include: industrial, Nordic, boho, farmhouse and navy. If you want to know about each one and their key aspects… keep reading!

Industrial decoration

The industrial decorative style is originally from the U.S., during the 50s. It’s a very avant-garde style that has been at the top of trends for many years and, of course, is also on the list of 2018 decorative styles.

It’s one of the most artistic styles and, despite many thinking it has a cold feel, we love it because we know that, done well, it can be very warm.

It’s mainly characterized by keeping elements of construction in the open, for example: bricks, pipes, ironwork, etc.

What materials are used in industrial decoration?

The main materials used in this decorative style are wood and iron. To achieve this decorative style, it’s very important to choose furniture with these materials and combine them boldly.

What colors are common in industrial decoration?

Common colors in industrial decoration are black, brown and gray. Though we also love… all these colors on white walls! However, the industrial style isn’t “strict” about colors and allows small color accents, such as maroon, mustard yellow, blue, etc.

Nordic decoration

Nordic decoration has a clear aim: well-being. It’s one of the home decorative styles that seeks clarity and visual purity, mixing minimalism with nature.

It’s the preferred style of all who want to create warm, comfortable and practical atmospheres.

Also, it’s one of the styles that allows interior decorating with plants, because it gives that natural touch. Those we like best for this style are beech and oak.

What materials are used in Nordic decoration?

In Nordic decoration, typically lacquered wood in white or different shades of gray are used, though light brown wood may also be used.

In small doses, you can use iron, such as in a table lamp, or even ceiling lamp.

What colors are common in Nordic decoration?

Colors used in this decorative style are neutral. The color white is the star of Nordic decoration, both on walls as well as furniture, etc. It’s common to find Nordic spaces that combine white with pearl gray, or even darker grays. However, keep in mind that this style seeks clarity, so the colors must be subtle.

Boho decoration

This is the most bohemian and free-style decoration. In this decoration, there’s only one rule: color. Color is the key to achieving a boho-style space. This decor seeks to create spaces full of energy and harmony, so it’s another style that allows floral decoration.

In boho decoration, roses of different colors are present, from reds, yellows, pinks and even… blues!

What materials are used in boho decoration?

All kinds of materials are used, including ceramic, iron and wood. The natural mix of materials is one of the hallmarks of boho-chic decoration. Even velvet can be used!

What colors are common in boho decoration?

As we’ve mentioned previously, boho decoration is characterized by the mix of colors without following any standard or pattern. It usually “stays away from” neutral tones, daring for more vibrant colors: yellow, red, pink, violet, blue, green, etc.

Farmhouse decoration

decoracion farmhouse

This is the most traditional one on the list of 2018 decorative styles. However, this style has certain modern touches. It’s inspired by rustic and country-style decoration and seeks to create homey and comfortable spaces.

We could say this innovative style was created by mixing with others, since it combines key aspects of other styles, including: subtle colors of Nordic decoration and natural elements of country-style decoration, etc.

What materials are used in farmhouse decoration?

Without a doubt, this decor is achieved by using very natural materials such as wood. Wicker and other elements are also key for achieving a farmhouse-style space. Also, it’s a style that pays close attention to vintage pieces, such as antique wooden benches, etc.

What colors are common in farmhouse decoration?

Just like Nordic decoration, farmhouse decoration is characterized by the use of neutral colors, specifically: white, brown, beige, pearl gray, etc. These subtle colors help create clear and bright spaces.

Navy decoration

decoracion navy

This decoration is often used in summer homes, especially those “close” to the sea. It’s a very fresh style and originates from the Mediterranean. The aim of navy decoration is to create calm and harmonious spaces, capable of relaxing all within them.

What materials are used in navy decoration?

The most common is to use white lacquered wood furniture. Normally, this furniture creates great contrast with wicker, so we recommend that you use some elements with this material. We also love how rope looks in this decorative style. Ropes can be used for lamps, as well as mirrors or other elements.

What colors are common in navy decoration?

The most common colors are definitely blue and white. These colors can be used in fabrics, furniture and/or walls. With this style, we see both solid colors and striped colors, typical of the most marine styles.

In addition to blue and white, small color accents can be used, providing contrast and a very natural touch.

From Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved plants and flowers, we’ve told you all about these decorative styles because they’re the most sought-after this year. However, nowadays, there’s also a trend of mixing different styles, for example: Nordic with industrial touches, or even farmhouse with boho elements.

We hope this article has inspired you and helped you create the home of your dreams. We encourage you to tell us what else you would add to this list of 2018 decorative styles!

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