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Differences between interior design and interior decoration

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diferencias diseño de interiores y decoracion de interiores - verdissimo

Differences between interior design and interior decoration

I bet many of you don’t know the difference between interior decoration and interior design. Typically, people use the terms “design” and “decoration” as synonyms. However, they are very distinct concepts.

diferencias diseño de interiores y decoracion de interiores - verdissimo

At Verdissimo, we want to tell you in this post what interior design and interior decoration are and also go over their main differences.

What is interior design?

Now that you know interior design and interior decoration aren’t the same… you may be wondering what interior design is. Interior design is the discipline that studies space and elaborates on it. Often, an interior designer has architectural knowledge because he/she has to deal with renovations and changes in the structure of the space to make it comfortable for the client.

Ultimately, interior design is a discipline that involves many things: from the correct distribution of space and beauty, to the coordination of construction work and other aspects.

diseño interior - verdissimo

What is interior decoration?

So… what is interior decoration? Interior decoration is strongly linked to interior design but, as we’ve mentioned earlier, isn’t the same. Completing interior decoration projects involves only decorating interior spaces, i.e. “giving the final touch.” The tasks required for an interior decorator, unlike a designer, don’t focus on the structural part of spaces, but rather on beautifying spaces using floral design and other elements such as: furniture, fabrics, etc.

decoracion interior - verdissimo

Differences between interior decoration and interior design

So you better understand what decoration and design are, we’ll tell you two of the main differences between the two disciplines:

  1. Architectural knowledge: as we’ve mentioned, architectural knowledge is very important for design, because this discipline focuses its efforts on the study of space.
  2. Trends: in both disciplines, it’s necessary to know the latest trends. However, for interior decoration, trends are the key pillar.

In sum, the difference between interior design and interior decoration is based on the work that designers do on the structure of the spaces. Also, while both keep in mind the latest trends, they are the basis of good interior decoration work.

From Verdissimo, we hope this post has helped you differentiate the two disciplines that nowadays are very involved in homes, as well as business places.

Remember that both interior design and interior decoration are essential for making spaces (homes, business places, offices, etc.) beautiful, comfortable and secure for those within them.

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