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Discover wild nature with Jumbo Procumbens

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Discover wild nature with Jumbo Procumbens

Juniperus Procumbens is an exotic shrub that comes from Japan. This low-growing plant usually reaches 30 or 40 cm although some varieties can grow over one metre in height. Its branches are long and spread out and they intertwine to form a dense thicket. Its strong and slender trunk and the shape of its branches gives it a different appearance, which is highly attractive.

Thanks to its beauty and exoticism some varieties of this plant are very popular for making bonsais.

Jumbo Procumbens: A piece of virgin nature within your reach

The 160cm Jumbo Juniperus Procumbens is one of the selected plants that you can find in Verdissimo’s new catalogue. Its small size, uniqueness and exoticism make it an essential element for all kinds of interiors: With refined lines, it adapts perfectly to all kinds of elegant and simple atmospheres and it also gives off a faint scent of eucalyptus.

Thanks to the preservation technique, this plant with great ornamental value does not need any maintenance. It remains the same, without water and without sunlight in any indoor space, which is why it is the perfect alternative for decorating hotels, offices or any room in the home. You can enjoy its beauty for a long time as this natural tree when treated will last for 7 to 10 years, depending on the method of preservation.

Enhance any atmosphere in your home or in the office with a piece of virgin jungle! Jumbo Procumbens will add a touch of beauty and exoticism to each corner. Enjoy it!

Advantages of preserved plants

  • Decorating with preserved plants and flowers is a perfect solution for indoor plant and floral decoration: You can enjoy making a huge variety of floral compositions that are creative, original and really beautiful.
  • They do not need maintenance. The preservation technique conserves plants and flowers for a long time.
  • Unbeatable value for money compared to fresh flowers. Preserved plants have the same beauty and appearance as freshly-cut flowers but they last up to 100 times longer.
  • Infinite possibilities for floral art. They are essential for places like hotels and restaurants that need permanent floral

At Verdissimo you will find an incredible variety of preserved flowers and plants and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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