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How the distribution of preserved flowers works

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how the distribution of preserved flowers works - verdissimo

How the distribution of preserved flowers works

At Verdissimo we are producers and distributors of preserved products, trees and plants, as well as flowers, and other types of greens.

how the distribution of preserved flowers works - verdissimo

In this article, we tell you how the distribution of all our products works and the logistical advantages of our company.

Transportation of preserved products

Preserved products are stored and transported on pallets. The pallets are used because they are capable of keeping any product in good condition for a long time, since it prevents them from coming into contact with the ground (avoiding the humidity of some warehouses), and helps with the manipulation in the ports which is made in a fast way, exposing products to the least possible damage.

Our products are generally transported in containers and dry cargo, that is, they do not require refrigeration (which is translated into energy savings), and their boxes are designed to withstand the logistical conditions for air and sea transport. The cardboard “keys” or resistance gauges used are those commonly used for impact sensitive export foods.

Occasionally they are transported by air, but it is not ideal since it is usually very expensive and has a high energy impact on the carbon footprint, it is only justified for specific emergencies and in low volumes.

Storage of preserved products

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All of our Verdissimo master boxes have internal instructions on how they should be kept. These are the indications:

  • They must be kept away from extreme heat and cold.
  • They must be stored on pallets to avoid direct contact with the ground.
  • They must be stored in appropriate conditions, dry places, and temperatures between 15ºC and 25ºC.
  • Boxes should be closed, as light, dust, and humidity can decrease their quality.

Humidity in preserved products during transportation

As we have mentioned, humidity can damage products and cause them to lose their quality. That is why it is necessary to dutifully take care of both storage and transport.

Regarding the ideal humidity for storage, it should be noted that a favorable environment is made up of clean air, with a relative humidity between 30% and 80%, without solar radiation.

Unfavorable conditions are: dusty air, soot or suspended particles; rain, or extreme humidity.

Logistics advantages of Verdissimo

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In relation to the logistical benefits that we have compared to other producers of preserved material, it should be noted that we have warehouses and production plants in different parts of the world, this allows us to generate savings in the supply chain.

About the warehouses

We have our own warehouses in the following locations: Valencia, Bogotá, Quito, and Sendai (Japan).

In addition, we have partners in the US and China with our own warehouses at our disposal. By having access to these distribution centers, we can store and transport significant volumes from our production centers, significantly reducing logistics costs per unit, and allowing us a rapid dispatch response and high availability in the majority of our critical products.

About the plants

Verdissimo has 3 plants located in Colombia, Valencia, and Ecuador. No other competitor has this competitive advantage of work centers.

Verdissimo’s Trajectory in the Market

With brands and operations dating back more than 25 years, our experience, size, and continuous improvements over the years have allowed us to optimize our international trade activities. In such a way that during this time of crisis by COVID-19 most of the export logistics operations have been affected in a moderate way, without compromising the arrival of material to our distributors and customers.

The most dramatic event that has been suffered is the delay of no more than 15 days at the most serious moment of the crisis (February and March) in Asia, affecting only the routes to China and Japan, the rest of the routes had no major delays, proof that Verdissimo’s warehousing and distribution of preserved products are strong.

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