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Dried flowers for interior decoration

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Dried flowers for interior decoration - Verdissimo

Dried flowers for interior decoration

Dried flowers are one of the most utilised elements in interior decoration. Plant decoration revives and gives a fresh, natural ambience to any indoor space, be it a home, business premises, public spaces, etc.

Dried flowers for interior decoration - Verdissimo

Simply adding dried flowers or plants instantly enhances any environment, and they don’t need any maintenance!

Verdissimo allows you to create beautiful, original and exclusive spaces with plants, flowers or trees that have undergone a 100% natural treatment; we are referring to dried and preserved plants and flowers.

Interior decoration with preserved trees

The preservation technique has many advantages. One of these is that it makes it possible to create completely natural green spaces in enclosed, poorly ventilated places or places with no direct sunlight.

Would you like to have a decorative palm tree in your hall? Or would you like to create an original and creative green space in the indoor patio? Our trees are made with real trunks and branches of leaves. This is why they have a completely natural appearance. It will look as if you have planted a real tree in the hall of your house!

A touch of nature

Preserved trees offer infinite possibilities for the decoration of indoor spaces whose environmental conditions make it impossible to have natural trees. At Verdissimo, we create trees of different sizes and heights. You can enjoy whichever you like the most: olive trees, palm trees, ficus trees, or you can create highly decorative and original designer trees.

Decorating with dried or preserved plants and flowers

Thanks to the preservation process, you can enjoy the beauty of flowers and plants for a long time. Preservation maintains intact the properties of plants so that they have the same appearance as fresh flowers.

Preservation is a technique whereby the sap is substituted by a 100% natural conserving liquid. This liquid allows the plant to remain unchanged, with a flexible and natural feel, for a long time. As opposed to fresh plants and flowers, preserved plants and flowers do not need maintenance or care. It is possible to make decorative compositions with preserved plants that would be impossible to make with fresh plants. Also, they are much more economic, due to the fact that they are excellent value for money!

Decorating with dried flowers is even more in fashion than ever. Cutting-edge trends favour open, minimalist spaces, where plants and flowers create a natural contrast and become the focal point.

Designers opt for big, decorative branches of trees like eucalyptus or beech trees. They also often use bamboo because of its association with Feng Shui philosophy, which is increasingly popular in the western world.

Dried or preserved flowers have many more decorative possibilities than fresh flowers. They make it possible to make exquisitely beautiful and original floral compositions, which would be impossible to make with fresh flowers: vertical walls, decoration of spaces without natural light…and they are perfect for places where floral decoration is needed regularly, such as in hospitals, day-care centres, event halls, etc.

Verdissimo: The beauty of preserved plants

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