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Fall in love with preserved flowers

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Fall in love with preserved flowers

Did you know that flowers are the most common gift in the world to declare love and passion?
The custom of giving flowers dates back to ancient times.

Now, flowers have become the star gift to celebrate special occasions like Saint Valentine’s Day or anniversary and engagement parties.

Although a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers is extremely beautiful, it has a very short lifespan. The freshness and vitality of fresh flowers disappear in a few days. How can you conserve the beauty of your bouquet or floral decoration for a long time, without the flowers drying up and withering?

The infinite beauty of preserved flowers

There is a different way to give flowers: preserved flowers maintain the beauty, colour and texture of freshly-cut plants…for a long time! Preservation is a conservation technique that allows plants and flowers to maintain their original appearance, without losing their properties. You could surprise your loved one with a very special floral gift, without having to worry that the flowers will wilt in a few days!

Flowers are perfect for giving to the person you love. Also, by giving preserved flowers you can give a gift that is both practical and romantic: practical because you are giving a long-lasting gift that the other person can enjoy for a long time, and romantic because is there any better way to communicate your feelings than with a beautiful bouquet of flowers?

The tradition of giving flowers to fall in love

If we go back to its origins, the tradition of giving flowers existed in pre-historic times. In ancient times, flowers were used in funeral ceremonies to honour the dead. Subsequently, they were used as an offering to the gods or to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays.

Today, flowers have become the most popular Saint Valentine’s Day present. Although some people believe that this custom was invented by shopping centres, the truth is that this custom began many, many years ago. It is believed that flowers are a reminder of the almond tree that grew in front of the tomb of Saint Valentine, which was planted by a young girl to whom Saint Valentine had supposedly given back her eyesight.

Now, you can show your love with flowers in a thousand ways: at Verdissimo, we have the perfect flower for every occasion: from a single preserved rose to the most beautiful floral compositions.

You have countless gift options, much more than the usual bouquet of flowers. You can surprise your loved one with a beautiful floral arrangement that will brighten up his or her favourite corner for a long time. Or create your own floral art composition with his or her favourite flowers and your own personal touch!

This year, declare your love with preserved flowers!

Verdissimo: The beauty of preserved roses

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