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We want to fill the world with flowers

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we want to fill the world with flowers - verdissimo

We want to fill the world with flowers

Solidarity, hope, friendship, courage, support, understanding, strength and joy.

we want to fill the world with flowers - verdissimo

We want to preserve these feelings during this time and share with all of you. Can you help us get the message out with flowers?

With more than half of the world’s population at home, at Verdissimo we want to show everyone the greatness of flowers and the feelings they transmit through unique colors, designs and textures.

What is the “Fill the World of Flowers” movement?

This movement is based on flooding social networks with flowers. We want anyone to post an image of flowers on their social networks: the ones they have at home, in their garden, their favourite bouquet of roses or that special street that they visited during their holidays and where they took some unforgettable photos.

queremos llenar el mundo de flores img1 - verdissimo

Our mission: the meaning of this movement

Our mission is clear: to convey positive feelings through flowers and what they represent, because… who does not remember an unforgettable moment with flowers? The best moments are those you share with your loved ones.

Moments that anyone wants to keep in their heart so that they never age, weddings, the birth of a baby, an unforgettable birthday, an anniversary full of love and endless more moments and places. That restaurant that brings back such good memories, that special park.

How do I join the “Fill the World with Flowers” movement?

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, you choose the social network! Follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a picture of flowers or select one you already have on your mobile.
  2. Post the image to your favourite social network.
  3. Tell us in the post what memories it brings you, where the photograph was taken or why you like it so much.
  4. Include the following hashtags in your post. In this way, we will be able to collect all the images and share them to bring joy and solidarity to any corner of the world:


queremos llenar el mundo de flores img2 - verdissimo

Who leads this movement?

At Verdissimo we firmly believe in the power of flowers. We have been working with preserved nature for more than 30 years and we want to transmit its strength to everyone.

Something as beautiful and simple as a hug is something we cannot do today to prevent the spread of Covid-19 around the world.

We want to be part of people’s lives, we want to bring positive feelings and remind them of beautiful and special moments through flowers. Moments that a person keeps in their heart so as not to forget and that do not age, just as we can do through flowers. In Verdissimo, we stop time because our preserved flowers and plants are forever.

The meaning of flowers according to their colour

Need inspiration? In the following image we explain the meaning of the flowers according to their colour. Green symbolizes hope, blue flowers – joy, yellow communicates friendship, red – passion and love, pink flowers – people’s goodness, an orange colour in a flower represents success and white – purity; what is your favourite colour? Share it with us through flowers.

infografia significado de las rosas segun color en - verdissimo

Fill the world with flowers!

We want to fill social networks with flowers. We want anyone from anywhere in the world to post a picture of flowers on their social networks. In this way, we will manage to transmit the joy, peace and hope that all of us need and that flowers transmit to us.

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