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Floral arrangements

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Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements are compositions made with different floral art products, such as: flowers, branches and plants. In floral arrangements, you can also use other kinds of products to brighten up these compositions, such as decorative stones, bows, vases of specific materials, etc. All the products and items used will depend greatly on the type of floral arrangement you want to make, as well as the event, style or room where the floral arrangement will be placed.

que es un arreglo floral - Verdissimo

Here we’ll talk about a few types of floral arrangements and flowers to use in different arrangements.

Types of floral arrangements

There are endless varieties of floral arrangements. We’ve selected some that we think are the most relevant. These include floral arrangements for birthdays, simple floral arrangements, modern floral arrangements, minimalist floral arrangements, innovative floral arrangements, floral arrangements for restaurants, floral arrangements for weddings, floral arrangements for Christmas and elegant floral arrangements, among others.

Below, we’ll talk briefly about each one of these types of floral arrangements.

Floral arrangements for birthdays

There’s no one type of floral arrangement for decorating a birthday party. These floral arrangements depend on many factors, including:

  • The age of the birthday boy/girl: the same floral arrangements won’t be used to decorate a birthday party for a boy vs. a teenager vs. an adult.
  • The gender of the birthday boy/girl: just like age, gender is important for choosing floral arrangements for a birthday party. Women opt for certain flowers and men usually prefer floral arrangements with other types of products and colors.
  • The style: The style of the party is also key for choosing floral arrangements. There are many different decorative styles and the arrangements must be adapted to the style of all the decoration. Some of the styles that are trending this year include: boho-chi style, vintage style, industrial style and farmhouse style.

Below we’ll show you an example of a floral arrangement that would be suitable for the birthday of a middle-aged man or woman, with a traditional style made mainly of roses.

cta the best floral arrangements for birthdays - verdissimo

Simple floral arrangements

Simple floral arrangements are usually made with one type of flower or product, or two at the most. They’re arrangements that you can do yourself, without needing to be an expert in floral art. You just have to buy the product and get to work.

The most popular simple floral arrangements are made with roses. They can be made with a single color, or use a combination of colors.

In the image below, we’ll show you a simple floral arrangement made with roses of different colors, suitable for many different events and celebrations.

cta simple floral arrangements with roses - verdissimo

Halloween Flower Arrangements

Even though you surely associate flowers with other festivities… Halloween is a good moment to use them! With preserved flowers, you can make many flower compositions traditionally used in this celebration, that are beautiful, but also have that touch of terror that characterizes so much that magical night.

We give you several options, for example, the creation of a chilling ghost made with white flowers. To give it a more realistic touch, you can place two black flowers as eyes.

This is not the only DIY you can make with our products. Have you ever thought about a big pumpkin made with orange flowers?

Innovative floral arrangements

The current trend is to make innovative floral arrangements. They’re striking floral arrangements, perfect for decorating trendy or artistic events. Usually, they’re combined with items, and their colors and shapes are powerful and daring. The most innovative floral arrangements combine colors, adapt to the theme of the party, etc. Some of the innovative floral arrangements that have been created with Verdissimo products include, for example: floral arrangements with the peace symbol, which is a composition suitable for parties and hippie events, etc.

We’ll show you in the image below! Don’t miss out on this large innovative composition made with a variety of flowers in different colors.

arreglos innovadores florales - verdissimo

Modern floral arrangements

As its name suggests, modern floral arrangements are those with a modern style. They’re arrangements that are currently used for diverse decorative styles, especially with subtle ones. Usually the colors used are neutral or even dark, such as gray, blue or even black.

Below you’ll see the image of a floral arrangement made with a black rose.

rosa negra - verdissimo

Minimalist floral arrangements

Minimalist floral arrangements are those with height and they’re made with one product or two at the most. They don’t abuse color, just like elegant and modern floral arrangements. They opt for whites, for Nordic decorative styles, etc.

cta minimalist flower arrangements - verdissimo

Floral arrangements for communions

When decorating for communions, floral arrangements play a very important role. These arrangements, just like birthdays, can vary according to the gender of the child. However, if you want floral arrangements for communions, whether for boys or girls, you can always go for white floral arrangements, since white is the symbol of innocence and purity. It’s the perfect color for the occasion!

cesta con rosas - verdissimo

Floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day

Floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day should include red flowers, the color of love and passion. Usually these floral arrangements are given as gifts between couples or even placed as centerpieces on the table where the couple’s dinner will take place. Typically, they’re made of red roses, though they can be combined with other products, and the main element can even be another type of flower.

arreglos florales para san valentin - verdissimo

Floral arrangements for Christmas

For floral arrangements for Christmas, without a doubt two colors are dominant: red and green. These floral arrangements are usually used for decorating centerpieces on Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. They’re simple floral arrangements, which are usually made with one type of flower combined with branches or green or brown colored plants.

cta christmas flower arrangements - verdissimo

Floral arrangements for weddings

At weddings, like many events, floral arrangements are one part of the decoration that gets lots of attention. For this type of event and ceremony, floral arrangements are required for the church, the newlywed’s car, the tables, the dance floor, etc. All the arrangements should be chosen with the wedding’s decorative style in mind.

There are many different types, depending on the decorative style of the wedding.

cta flower arrangements for weddings - verdissimo

Floral arrangements for restaurants

Every day there are more trendy restaurants and shops that decorate using flowers and plants as decorative elements. But, what floral arrangements for restaurants are suitable? There’s no one answer to that question. Floral arrangements for businesses will depend on the type of restaurant and the style of the furniture, etc.

Flowers for floral arrangements

In our catalog of preserved flowers for floral arrangements you can find some of the flowers that we suggest here: roses, hydrangeas, carnations and chrysanthemums, among others. If you want to create floral arrangements using roses, hydrangeas, carnations or chrysanthemums, pay attention to the description of these flowers. We’ll tell you all about them below!


Roses are the most beautiful flowers of the garden, and the most famous and sought-after in the world for their beauty. They’re often used to make floral compositions, and as we’ve mentioned before… they never go out of style and you can find them in a variety of colors at Verdissimo!

rosa mejores arreglos florales - verdissimo


gardenia mejores arreglos florales - verdissimo

This flower is very similar to the rose, due to its size and beauty. It’s perfect for creating traditional floral arrangements and even for creating bouquets, due to the volume they provide. They can be combined with other flowers, though they’re captivating alone. You can find them in many different colors, so you can adapt floral arrangements with gardenias to different decorative styles.


The tuberose is a subtle flower that is usually used to create floral compositions for minimalist or elegant style spaces, etc. They’re flowers that don’t provide volume – quite the opposite. They’re main feature is their ability to provide height in floral compositions. Tuberoses, like other flowers we’ve mentioned, are also used to create the bride’s bouquet and other types of floral arrangements. Their fine leaves and pastel colors also make tuberoses romantic and sweet, and represent femininity.

nardo mejores arreglos florales - verdissimo


hortensia mejores arreglos florales - verdissimo

Hydrangeas are flowers that give lots of volume to floral compositions. They’re often used in floral art because they provide that touch of freshness and texture to compositions. Colors are varied, including pastel colors, and you can play with them to create incredible arrangements.


Carnations are another flower that doesn’t go out of style. They’re also famous for their beauty and just like hydrangeas, they provide volume and liveliness to compositions. These flowers are often used for events, and even for decorating weddings in pastel colors.

claveles mejores arreglos florales - verdissimo


orquideas mejores arreglos florales - verdissimo

Orchids are the ideal flowers to create more sophisticated floral compositions in the modern and minimalist style. They’re simple and small flowers, but beautiful and capable of providing that chic touch to any floral arrangement. Their pastel colors also make it a very romantic flower, suitable for giving at anniversaries, birthdays, etc.


Chrysanthemums are other flowers that catch your eye, due to their beauty and the volume they provide compositions. You can find them in different types in our flower catalog: Anastasia, Focus and Sharp. Each one of these types you can find in different colors and you can create different floral arrangements for different decorative styles: boho, vintage, etc.

crisantemos mejores arreglos florales - verdissimo

How to make floral arrangements?

Want to learn how to make floral arrangements? With the right products and the necessary help, we’re sure that making the different floral arrangements that we’ve told you about is an easy task. On our webpage, you can find many examples: some complex, others simple, some single-colored, others two-toned or multi-colored. You can find floral arrangements for all tastes!

cta how to make floral arrangements - verdissimo

Do it yourself!

Have you seen the guides we provide on our website for making floral arrangements: do it yourself! If you still don’t know what we’re talking about, find out in the links we’ve added below.

Do it yourself! is a section on Verdissimo where we give our readers examples of floral compositions step by step. In each example, you’ll find all the materials you need, the products and a step-by-step guide. From Verdissimo, we’ll explain how to make the floral arrangement so that it turns out as nice as ours. Check it out! It’s easier than you think.

Below, we’ll show you some of our most popular and powerful DIY (Do It Yourself) guides. Simple and practical DIYs to decorate different rooms and events.

diy 1 floral arrangements - verdissimo

diy 2 floral arrangements - verdissimo

diy 3 floral arrangements - verdissimo

diy 4 floral arrangements - verdissimo

diy 5 floral arrangements - verdissimo

diy 6 floral arrangements - verdissimo

The best in floral arrangements

It’s not the first time we’ve talked about floral arrangements here at Verdissimo. We’ll help you know what are trendy floral arrangements, how to make them, what are the most desirable arrangements for weddings, events, anniversaries, Christmas tables, etc.… we adore them! So, on our blog we talk constantly about it. Some of the most popular posts about floral arrangements are the following:

cta must follow floral artists - verdissimo

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We recommend reading each one of these posts! We hope you’ve got your questions answered about how floral arrangements are made, what flowers to use for floral arrangements and what types of floral arrangements you can make with our products. Remember that these products are preserved, which means that they’re 100% natural but last over time without needing water or light.

Thanks to Verdissimo, a floral arrangement can be a beautiful memory of a great event or day!

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