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23 charming floral arrangements

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arreglos florales - verdissimo

23 charming floral arrangements

If you love floral arrangements or you have an important event coming up and need inspiration, this post is for you. In it, we’ll show you 23 simple floral arrangements made with preserved plants and flowers from Verdissimo that will win you over.

arreglos florales - verdissimo

1. Roses and moss

This is a modern floral arrangement perfect for a home, office, etc. Combine different types of moss with red roses to give it small color accents. It’s framed in a picture, so hanging it on a wall will also look fantastic.

2. A rose as the main element

Floral arrangements with roses never fail to be charming, and this is one of them. A single rose is what captures your attention in this boho-chic floral centerpiece. We can also see other products in it, such as pepper tree

3. A moss ball

A moss ball placed on a decorative plate is perfect for decorating more minimalist interior spaces. Also, it can also be the perfect element for decorating zen-style events.

4. With a single gardenia

This is one of the simplest preserved floral arrangements. You just have to place a single gardenia in a vase or bowl with a bottom of decorative stones. In the image above, we’ve shown you a pink gardenia, but it can be any color that best suits the event, space, etc. you want to decorate.

5. Roses and carnations

In this floral arrangement, roses and carnations of only one color are combined: pink. This floral arrangement is perfect for decorating centerpieces for different events, for example: anniversaries, weddings, etc. Also, you can create them in many other colors and they’re very easy to make.

6. Flowers for a bouquet

In the image above, we’ve shown you a combination of perfect flowers for a bouquet. You can see that it has mostly roses and hydrangeas in shades of orange with small green color accents.

7. Country-style

This country-style floral arrangement, ideal for decorating events in this style, has the following products: lavender, Gynerium, Acca lanuginosa, moss and rice flower. Get inspired to make this little prairie yourself!

8. White roses

White roses are the best product for wedding floral arrangements. In this case, we’ve shown you a very simple arrangement, which only has this product in a white wicker basket.

9. Two-color arrangement

We also adore this romantic two-color floral arrangement for ceremonies such as weddings. It’s made up of preserved pink and white carnations and, thanks to the flowers, the perfect texture is created.

10. Orchid arrangement

This elegant floral arrangement is made up of white orchids and carnations. Although it combines very different flowers, it conveys lots of harmony and sophistication. It’s another perfect floral arrangement for decorating centerpieces.

11. Ironwork floral arrangement

This floral arrangement, known as himmeli, is a Nordic geometric trend for decorating spaces in a home or office. At Verdissimo, we’ve done it by combining pink roses and pink carnations. Do it yourself!

12. Blue-colored floral arrangement

We adore blue floral arrangements for communions or baptisms. In the image above, we’ve shown you one made with roses and hydrangeas in electric blue and softer blues.

13. Lots of eucalyptus

This arrangement is very simple and Nordic-inspired. It uses branches in a vase, perfect for interior decoration. In the image above, you can see the most used preserved product in the composition is eucalyptus.

14. Flowerpot with lavender

This simple composition only requires lavender. To make it, you only need a flowerpot, a ribbon to tie together the lavender branches and a little glue. Its decorative use is suitable both for homes as well as rustic, country-style and farmhouse themed events. You can do it yourself!

15. A very romantic floral arrangement

The floral arrangement we’ve shown you is perfect for celebrating anniversaries and even for Valentine’s Day. The main element of the composition is a red rose, though it’s combined with a filler that gives it small white color accents.

16. A tiny bonsai

Although this bonsai isn’t exactly a floral arrangement, it does serve well for interior decorating. In many decorative styles, typical floral arrangements and colors don’t match. Instead you can choose these little green-colored bonsais, which are also charming. These styles are: minimalism, zen styles, etc.

17. A peace symbol floral arrangement

This floral arrangement is perfect for decorating themed events. It’s very colorful and is made up of numerous products. Some of these include: different rose varieties, carnations and gardenias, among other products.

18. With a single chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are a powerful decorative element on their own. In this case, we have it in yellow and we love it for decorating small spaces and items. Also, with this product you can create a single-flower arrangement like the one we’ve shown you above.

19. Autumn arrangement

With ivy leaves, you can create a nice wreath, perfect for decorating your home in autumn. This composition, made of leaves in a circular pattern, is also good for decorating autumn-themed events. We adore it!

20. Green Wall

21. Floral arrangement with roses

This is one of the most simple, traditional floral arrangements. It consists of a set of beautiful red roses set in a simple glass vase. It’s a very striking arrangement where roses take the lead.

22. Monochromatic floral arrangement

Floral arrangements with a single color are in style this season. They use different flowers, but within the same range of colors. In the image above, you can see one of the floral arrangements made with preserved flowers from Verdissimo (roses and hydrangeas) in different shades of blue.

23. Combined floral arrangement

Although vertical gardens aren’t exactly floral arrangements, nowadays they’re often used in interior decoration: homes, interior patios, offices, restaurants, shops, etc. To make these gardens, you typically use different types of moss.

Now that you know how to make floral arrangements for an important event or moment in your life… get to work and surprise all your guests!

Remember that using preserved products in your compositions will help you keep flowers and plants in perfect condition without needing any water or light, maintaining their beauty over a long period of time.

If there’s a pretty floral arrangement with preserved flowers that you would like us to talk more about, don’t hesitate to let us know. We would love to tell you all about the products it requires and how we’ve made it.

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