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Floral Compositions with Cyperus papyrus and Roses

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Floral Compositions with Cyperus papyrus and Roses

Cyperus papyrus, which is known as papyrus, is an aquatic plant whose main characteristic is its striking stems. Although it’s a water plant, it can be cultivated in a pot by creating the ideal conditions for its growth, although for this a little practice and perseverance is needed. The papyrus plant has a high ornamental value which is why it is often used as part of the most varied floral compositions.


Create your own compositions with preserved plants and flowers

Preserved flowers have the advantage of not wilting and of maintaining their original appearance for months or years. This is why they are perfect for using in all kinds of interior decoration. Another of their big advantages is that, as they are a long-lasting product that practically doesn’t need maintenance, you can enjoy your favourite flowers all year long and also have access to exotic and original species. For example, the amaranthus in different colours, the fern tree, or the leaves of tropical trees.

How to make a floral composition with preserved papyrus and white roses

We have chosen the colour white because this colour can adapt to all kinds of ambiences, although if you prefer you can use preserved roses in your favourite colour or combine them with other flowers like chrysanthemums or cymbidium.

Choose the container in which you want to make your floral decoration. Keep in mind that if you will use it as a centrepiece or if you will put it on a shelf, the container should be smaller. On the other hand, if the composition will be placed on a stand in the hall or in the living room, you can use flowerpots or containers that are bigger.

If you prefer, you can give a personal touch to your compositions by substituting flowerpots with other kinds of containers that you have at home: a brass watering can, a fish tank, a wooden box, or even a bird cage. They are gorgeous and original!

To make a floral art decoration in a floor-standing flowerpot, (for example, to put in the hall), choose quite long papyrus (100cm -110cm), which will be the base of the composition. To keep them firmly in place, inside the flowerpot place a block of gardening sponge and artistically place the stems and leaves in it.

If you want your composition of papyrus and roses to have a minimalist appearance, place the papyrus leaves symmetrically in rows at different heights, with the roses at the bottom. The effect is incredible!

For centrepieces, you can add a branch of sprengeri to fill in the design and some stems of mash red alternating between the papyrus leaves. You will love it!

At Verdissimo you will find a wide variety of preserved plants and flowers and a great team of advisors for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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