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Floral Compositions with Preserved Plants and Flowers

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composiciones florales verdissimo

Floral Compositions with Preserved Plants and Flowers

Verdissimo’s preserved plants and flowers are the perfect products for creating all kinds of floral compositions. These products have a really high ornamental value because of their durability and their beauty.

composiciones florales verdissimo

Verdissimo’s products have the advantage that they don’t wilt and they maintain their initial appearance for months or even years. It’s for this reason that preserved flowers are the ideal product for creating all kinds of floral decorations.

Another one of the main advantages of preserved flowers is that they are completely free from maintenance. They are products that, after undergoing a preservation process, don’t need water or sunlight, which is why they are also considered a perfect product for floral arrangements.

What plants and flowers are used most often for floral compositions?

Eternal roses

Roses are the most beautiful and sought-after flowers in the world. Their uniqueness and spectacular nature make these flowers perfect both individually and in floral compositions.

Some of the most beautiful floral compositions are really simple arrangements with roses, in this way creating a space full of respect, love and passion.

Mini lilies

Mini lilies are flowers that are so pure and have such simple lines that they are perfect for creating minimalist floral compositions. As we already told you in the article “Minimalist Flower Arrangements”, one of the most beautiful and simple flower arrangements is made with a mixture of yellow mini lilies and intense green simple leaves inside a glass container.


Papyrus is a plant which is known for its gorgeous and striking stems and it’s used often in floral compositions. It’s an aquatic plant which is perfect for combing with white roses and even with chrysanthemums.

Papyrus is ideal for decorating halls, small rooms, work spaces…


Chrysanthemums are the ideal preserved flowers for floral compositions in a room with Feng Shui decoration. They are the flower that represents life and longevity and they also represent happiness and joy.

Chrysanthemums are the national symbol of Japan and, like roses, are really beautiful and spectacular flowers.

Their variety of colours means that they can make many different floral compositions.


Gardenias are the most used flowers in floral compositions for weddings because they represent the sincerity of a couple.

These floral compositions are often simple and contain foliage because it contrasts perfectly with the striking colours of the flowers.

Conifers replace Christmas firs in 2016-2017

Conifers are really beautiful and they are perfect trees for Christmas decorations. Also, this year they have become the perfect alternative to the traditional Christmas firs.

Their central trunk is the dominant part of this Verdissimo product. Its branches are strong and whorled, which favours hanging the typical Christmas decorations: pinecones, coloured balls, lights, bows, etc.

At Verdissimo, you’ll find a great variety of preserved flowers and plants to create spectacular floral compositions for your interior decoration.

Verdissimo: Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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