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Floral Compositions with Preserved Plants and Flowers

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composiciones florales verdissimo

Floral Compositions with Preserved Plants and Flowers

Verdissimo’s preserved plants and flowers are the perfect products for creating all kinds of floral compositions. These products have a really high ornamental value because of their durability and their beauty.

composiciones florales verdissimo

Products from Verdissimo have the advantage that they do not wilt, maintaining their initial appearance for months, even years. This is why preserved flowers are the ideal product to create all types of floral decorations.

Another of the most outstanding advantages preserved flowers have is that they are completely maintenance-free. They are a product that, after going through a preservation process, do not need water or light, which is why they are also considered a perfect product for flower arrangements.

Preserved flowers do not wilt and maintain their original appearance for months, even years.

Which are the most used plants and flowers for floral compositions?

Eternal Roses

Roses are the most beautiful and sought-after flowers in the world. Their uniqueness and spectacular nature make them perfect flowers both individually as well as in floral compositions.

Some of the most pretty floral compositions are very simple arrangements with roses, creating a space of respect, love, and passion.

Mini calla lilies

Mini calla lilies are very pure flowers with simple lines, perfect to create minimalist floral compositions. As we already shared with you in the article “minimalist floral arrangements” one of the prettiest floral arrangements is made with a set of yellow mini calla lilies with simple, intense green leaves inside a crystal container.


The papyrus is a plant known for its beautiful and impressive stems and it’s widely used in floral compositions. It’s a perfect aquatic plant to combine with white roses and even chrysanthemums.

Papyrus is ideal to decorate halls, small rooms, and work-spaces.


Chrysanthemums are the ideal preserved flower for floral compositions in a feng shui decoration. They make reference to life and longevity and represent happiness and joy.

Chrysanthemums are the national symbol of Japan and, the same as roses, they are beautiful and spectacular flowers.

Its variety of colors makes it easy to make many different floral compositions.


Gardenias are the most used flower for ceremonial flower compositions because they represent the sincerity of a couple.

These floral compositions are usually simple and contain green because it contrasts perfectly with the striking colors of the flowers.

Tips for making floral compositions

Even though compositions and floral decoration in general, are based on the creativity and tastes of each person, the truth is that taking into consideration a series of norms the results may be even more spectacular. With these guidelines in mind, you will surely create a spectacular plant decoration for your interior spaces.

Preserved Plants

Indoors, substitute natural plants for preserved plants. In addition to obtaining similar results in terms of beauty and decoration value, preserved plants and flowers do not need water, light, care, or maintenance to maintain their qualities.


Choose wisely the mix of plants, flowers, and foliage varieties, the colors, and even the number of units. If you put too much, the ambiance will feel cramped instead of being calm and cozy.

If we decide to make compositions with two types of plants, another element should exist to be the central or intermediate focus. In this way, the result is more harmonious. For example, we can place plants on both sides of a door, in this way it becomes the third element of a composition.

Combining sizes

When making a floral decoration for a large interior space, like the living room or the entrance of the house, small size flowers are usually used next to potted shrubs, like the exotic Jumbo Juniperus Procumbes, with high ornamental power.

Style of decoration

In order for the final result to be harmonious and proportionate, the chosen varieties should be used as the finishing touch of the decoration. For example, for a contemporary decoration, you can opt for a Prince of Wales tree, while a Hedera Arborea – sphere-shaped topiary – in a pot will go perfectly in the entrance hall.

Small Plants

If you want to give a touch of life and nature to a small space like your desk, or an auxiliary table, nothing like bonsai Procumbes or Tamaracifolia to brighten up and give life to that corner.

Small plants are ideal to enhance windows and bookcases. Basket centerpieces also look very good, it gives a rustic and natural touch to a room. Try with some cheery red carnations or with some precious Dendrobium orchids.

Living rooms or large interior spaces

If you want to give all the prominence to an interior patio, a hall, or the most important corner of your living room, the Eucaliptus Populus would be a good option.

In general, for interior compositions, at least three types of plants are used in feng shui thought. If they are done with only two varieties, one of them will prevail over the other and will stand out more. The end result will be unbalanced and with the feeling that “something is missing”

Example of floral composition

Floral composition with Cyperus papyrus and roses

The Cyperus papyrus or papyrus is an aquatic plant whose main characteristic is its striking stems. Even though it’s a water plant it can be cultivated in pots creating adequate conditions for its growth even though a little bit more practice and perseverance are needed for it. The papyrus plant has a high ornamental value and it’s often used as part of the most varied floral compositions.

How to make a floral composition with Cyperus papyrus and preserved White roses

We have chosen the color white because this tonality can be adapted to all types of environments, although if you prefer you can use preserved roses in the color you like the most or combine them with other flowers like chrysanthemums or the cymbidium.

Floral composition with Cyperus papyrus and roses - Verdissimo

Choose the container in which you want to make your floral decoration. Keep in mind that if you are going to place it as a centerpiece or over a shelf, the container will have to be smaller. On the contrary, if the floral composition is going to be placed in a pot in the hall or the living room, you can use larger pots or containers.

If you prefer, you can give a personal touch to your compositions by substituting the pots for other types of containers you have at home: a brass watering can, a fishbowl, a wooden box, or even a birdcage. They turn out beautiful and original!

composition papyrus preserved - Verdissimo

To make a floral art decoration in a floor pot, (to place it in the hall, for example), choose a good size of papyrus stems (100-110 cm) to be the base of the composition. To keep them firmly attached, place a block of floral foam and sick the stems and leaves in an artistic way.

If you want your Cyperus papyrus and roses composition to have a minimalist appearance, place the Cyperus papyrus leaves symmetrically in rows of different heights, with roses at the base. The effect is impressive!

In Verdissimo you will find a great variety of preserved plants and flowers to create floral compositions for interior decoration.


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