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Flowers and flower arrangements for weddings

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flores y arreglos florales para bodas - verdissimo

Flowers and flower arrangements for weddings

There is very little left for the strongest wedding season. Are you going to get married and you are counting the days until you walk down the aisle? From the dress to the wedding location, every detail has to be taken care of and prepared with great care, including floral arrangements for weddings.

flores y arreglos florales para bodas - verdissimo

One of the essential elements in the wedding ceremony is floral decoration. The wedding flowers give the beautiful and romantic touch that you want on your big day.

Flowers reflect your personality. Integrate them into your wedding as part of you!

There are a thousand and one ways to make floral arrangements for weddings at night, during the day, etc. Each one of them reflects, in a way, the personality and character that the bride and groom, and especially, the bride, want to have on their wedding day.

From Verdissimo, as experts in preserved floral art, we would like to share the most current trends in floral arrangements for church weddings, receptions, etc.

Wedding Flowers

Are you getting married? And, you don’t know which flowers to choose for your bridal bouquet? Or for the centrepieces and the church? Are flowers important for the decoration of the ceremony? That’s why below we’ll list some perfect wedding flowers. Don’t miss a single detail!


Roses are the star flower in any garden. Their beauty, fragrance and their wide variety of colours make them perfect for any floral composition. Each of the colours represents a different meaning. Therefore, in your wedding we propose that if you use this flower that you go for one of these three colours:

  • Red roses: These flowers in red symbolize passion.
  • White roses: They represent purity and innocence. This is why they are the first choice for many brides.
  • Pink roses: They symbolize the oath of love.


This flower, which is the national flower of Japan, is one of the most popular in the world. It is used a lot in wedding ceremonies as they symbolize tenderness, love and truth. Their characteristics make these flowers perfect to use for the centrepieces and the bridal bouquet.

You can find the chrysanthemum in different colours. As with the other flowers, keep the colour that you choose for your floral compositions in mind, as each colour represents something different.

The colours that are most used in weddings are:

  • Red: Passion
  • White: Truth

arreglos florales con crisantemos - verdissimo


Gardenias represent happiness and sincerity. You can have a very elegant bridal bouquet if you opt for gardenias. With these flowers in white, you can create an amazing bridal bouquet that will leave you speechless. Although, another good option is to combine them with pastel pink colours.

gardenias - verdissimo


The hydrangeas are perfect flowers to make any floral composition. Its dimensions and delicate colors make these flowers can be the perfect choice for your wedding day thanks to the ability to create by themselves a very romantic atmosphere.

Many brides select them for the bouquet because of their naturalness and simplicity. In addition, although they do not have very good reputation, their real meaning makes hydrangeas the perfect complement for you on your big day.

This is so because they symbolize femininity and temperance, two qualities that should accompany you throughout the ceremony.

Flower headbands for weddings

If you’re thinking about using our products for making wedding flower crowns, we have good news: it’s possible! With our preserved plants and flowers, you can create flower crowns for wedding guests, including a bridal tiara, headbands, wreaths and even belts and other accessories.

What flowers should you choose for making wedding floral accessories? We recommend you select small-sized flowers, so they look delicate, romantic and subtle. Above all, you should choose the right colors, keeping in mind your outfit and other accessories.

Below, we’ll show you an example of a perfect flower crown for daytime weddings. What do you think?


Wedding arrangements

As we’ve previously mentioned, floral arrangements for weddings are very important because everybody admires them. Below, we’ll go over some styles for floral arrangements that are trending this upcoming wedding season:

Minimalist Style

A wedding is, in itself, a celebration in which there tends to be excess and people go overboard. Don’t make the mistake of over-decorating the environment to achieve a beautiful effect. Opt for white flowers like tuberose, carnations or orchids to create a refined, elegant and simple atmosphere. You can present them in small, clear vases as centrepieces. You can also introduce white rose heads in round containers filled at the bottom with small stones or sand or opt for our delicate preserved rose in a cube.

In the image below, we’ll show you a floral arrangement made solely using preserved flowers.

Arreglo floral minimalista para bodas - Verdissimo

Creative mix

What better day to let your imagination run wild than on your wedding day? In Verdissimo’s new catalogue you will find a great selection of preserved plants, flowers and leaves with which you can create your own centrepieces, bridal bouquets, and even little gifts to give to your guests, combining all kinds of flowers, creating a creative and innovative mix like the one in the following image. A stunning blend of flowers and plants.

Arreglo floral creativo - Verdissimo


The vintage touch always looks great. If you want to give your wedding ceremony a retro and nostalgic air, there is nothing better choice than our preserved hydrangea, lilies or roses, and present them in old jars, brass containers, things like milk jugs or watering cans with the drawings worn away, bouquets tied with bows or rope…You will get an incredible and exclusive floral decoration, with an irresistible air of boho-chic and nostalgia.

In the image below, you can see a composition in a beautiful antique flowerpot.

Ideas para decorar un evento con lavanda preservada verdissimo

Flower centrepieces

You should know that flower centrepieces are one of the most important details to keep in mind for a wedding. It is an element that doesn’t go unnoticed by any guest, everyone sits in front of them, and everyone see them! And, it’s a detail that makes the difference.

For centerpieces decorating the bridal table and guest tables, it’s important to keep in mind that the centerpiece should match the general aesthetic of the event. Every detail should match the same style, and of course the flowers as well.

That said, we’ll show you the top four wedding styles today and the flowers you should use to create centerpieces according to each one of them.

Vintage Style

The vintage look has experienced a boom in the last few years because of the number of celebrities that have used it.

If you decide to have a vintage-styled wedding take care with the preserved flowers that you choose. From Verdissimo, we recommend that your centrepieces are composed of roses. Also, these flowers will add a romantic touch to your big day, if you choose the correct colour. The idea is that the roses are pastel coloured, like white or very pale pink.

centros mesa flores - verdissimo

Boho-Chic Style

If you have decided on a more bohemian wedding, you should be a little more daring and make you centrepieces with very natural elements like wood combined with hydrangea or sharp chrysanthemums. In this case, you can make the centrepieces with these flowers in pastel or bright colours. It should be a much more daring and striking centrepiece.

Arreglo boho chic para bodas - Verdissimo

Minimalist Style

If you want to achieve a “less is more” effect and you opt for a minimalist event, use mini calla for your centrepieces. Elegant, simple and pure, these flowers can be combined with other preserved flowers, but keep in mind that the mini lilies should all be the same colour.

Mini cala estilo minima arreglo floral - Verdisismo

Rustic Style

This style features the use of more noble and natural materials, so a little Brunia Albiflora will give that rustic feel to the table. Also, a little green will always create this natural style that you are looking for.

Arreglos florales estilo rústico - Brunia Albiflora - Verdissimo

Flower ideas for your wedding in 2022

We made a compilation of some flower ideas for weddings, ideas of flowers you can carry with you or that can be used to decorate the space. The compositions we are going to talk to you about will be positioned as trends for wedding flowers in 2022, we are notifying you well in advance so you can start thinking about them!

Wedding flower ideas for the bride and groom

For the bride and groom, and even for some guests. We present ideas of some flowers for weddings in 2022 we are sure you won’t stop seeing:

Belt with flowers

Belts with flowers are ideal for brides and guests, to surprise everyone with amazing looks throughout the year 2022. The normal thing is belts embellished with fabric or preserved flowers and even the combination of preserved flowers with feathers…ideal for more daring brides, that prefer dresses with skirt and even for chic brides that wish to be married with more particular looks, like the ones that can be provided by jumpsuits

Imagine a belt made fully with white flowers! It’s perfect for brides. A belt that highlights your waist in a princess cut dress… We love this idea, and you?


Flower headband

Flower headbands have been a must since a long time ago, and it was not going to be different this coming year, 2022. Boho brides will bet on this idea for their looks, headbands made with white flowers and even combined with a few green branches, this will certain rustic and country touches to the complete look. The guests will also bet for flower headbands, but on this occasion flowers from every color.

For them, they usually bet on the use of preserved flowers because they are flowers that maintain their naturalness and nevertheless, will last a long time, so much that these headbands can surely be used in several weddings.

Headdress with flowers

Headbands are not the only headdress that can be used with flowers. Many other headdresses will be used with flowers, headdresses to wear in daytime weddings that will make the difference.

For brides, simple headdresses that can be placed at the back of the hair, made with tiny white flowers, or even pastel colors, like pastel blue or different shades of pink.

For the guests, the headdresses are much more varied and may also include large hats decorated with preserved flowers of a multitude of different colors matching shoes and bags. So as not to go unnoticed!

Pin for the groom

Many grooms want to wear a nice pin. The pin is the small floral composition carried in the suit pocket and it’s used in many countries, above all in graduations. Nevertheless, many grooms also carry it. This pin can be made with preserved flowers of different colors although preserved roses are the most common flowers for it.

The best man may also wear it or witnesses of the ceremony, to mark the difference with the rest of the wedding guests.

Wedding Flower ideas for the environment

Now we will talk to you about some wedding flower ideas to be added to objects to improve the decoration of that special day. This section is intended to inspire the couples to be married in 2022 and need some ideas for decorating the space. Here we go!

Flowers to carry the ring

Normally, a child in the family carries the ring to the altar in a small basket. Although one of the trends that is expected to change is this tradition and a small box will be carried instead, normally made from wood, full of flowers and just on top…the wedding rings!

The box can be decorated with flowers of different colors, although white roses are our favorite. All of them are neatly placed and on top of the petals the bright wedding rings. A very romantic detail we are you’ll see in many ceremonies!

Flowers on the chairs

The chairs of both the religious or civil ceremony and the banquet, should be decorated. Simple decorations will be used, floral compositions placed in the corner of the char. So the investment in flowers is not too high, since there are so many chairs, it’s best to place the decoration alternately on the chairs, that is, on one yes and on the next one not.

What do you think about this idea? It’s a way of splitting the expense in two and having equally well-decorated spaces.

flores y arreglos florales para bodas - verdissimo

Flowers in the car

A car without flowers…is not a wedding car! To differentiate from the other cars, the car for the bride and groom needs to be decorated with flower compositions. It can be of different colors, in the function of the color of the car and the style. It will not be the same composition for a black car as a white car, or for a vintage car than a modern car. The most appropriate composition is chosen in function of the type of car and … ready!

The Little details like flowers in the car are the ones that make the difference from one wedding to another.

Flowers in the church

This is not a trend, it’s almost an obligation. Flowers must be placed in the church. A good idea is to do it the same way as on the chairs. To place them on one bench yes and not on the other. The space will not feel too overcharged with flowers and the cost will be divided in two.

The compositions in the church must be discreet. Nothing too extravagant or colorful. Whites are a safe bet in the function of the style you wish, and it can be combined with a soft shade of color, or with branches for a more rustic style.

decoracion y arreglos florales para una iglesia - verdissimo

Flower in the wedding venue

In the wedding venue flowers can be placed as centerpieces, on chairs, in the little corners like the dessert table, etc. There are many places where you can place flower compositions. The flowers are ones that are going to make the space look amazing so don’t doubt it. The floral decoration of the ballroom is a must you can’t ignore.

What flowers are we going to use to implement all these ideas?

There are endless options for flowers. The ideal thing is to use preserved flowers because, as we were telling you before they are natural flowers because their look is natural and fresh, but the difference from fresh flowers is that they are flowers that can las in perfect conditions for a long time, without being watered and without sunlight. The most special guest will be able to take the centerpieces and other compositions as a favor, they will have them in their homes for a long time!

To be able to know all the preserved flowers we have we recommend you visit our catalog. You’ll be able to see the great variety of products we have for the confection of wedding floral compositions.

Lastly, we hope our post has helped you and inspired you with some ideas for wedding flowers 2022. We know even though weddings are an authentic dream…they can become a real puzzle for many couples. In Verdissimo we want to inspire you and help you, so your day is the most magical day in your life.

Wedding bouquet ideas with preserved flowers


Preserved flowers for wedding decoration

If your business is dedicated to floral decoration and arrangements for weddings, celebrations and events, choose Verdissimo’s preserved plants and flowers. You will have the guarantee of the largest leading group in the sector and will have a great team of professionals at your service.

Ensure the success of your business with the largest variety of preserved flowers and plants: Premium-quality products, support and expert advice, and the best terms in the market. Verdissimo’s products are a guarantee of quality and add value to your business.

Why choose Verdissimo’s preserved flowers?

  • There is an extensive catalogue of products to choose from
  • Support and expert advice from a highly-specialised professional team
  • 100% natural, long-lasting products
  • They don’t need maintenance or special conditions
  • Excellent value for money
  • Infinite possibilities for decoration and floral art for all kinds of events

At Verdissimo, thanks to our catalog of preserved flowers, we can create any type of floral composition, adapting it to your style, whether romantic, boho, vintage, rustic, Victorian, sailor, retro, minimalist, etc.

At Verdissimo, you’ll find a large variety of preserved flowers and plants.


Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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