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Flower of the Month: Blue Hortensia

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Flor del mes hortensia azul - verdissimo

Flower of the Month: Blue Hortensia

Here at Verdissimo, we’re dedicating this month, February, to the beautiful flower Hydrangea macrophylla, popularly known as hortensia. Specifically, we’re dedicating this month to blue hortensias, which have very specific uses and meanings.

Flor del mes hortensia azul - verdissimo

The meaning behind blue hortensias

Normally, hortensias have negative connotations, which may be because these flowers grow in wet, humid places. Nevertheless, they’re also closely related to the concept of beauty, as we explained in the article “The Symbolism of Hortensias.” In this sense, the color of a hortensia is also important for correctly defining its meaning.

The color blue symbolizes feelings related to trust, harmony, affection, happiness, and love. It’s also linked to peace and relaxation since the color blue is one of the colors that invites people to daydream.

On the other hand, blue flowers are symbolic of enigmas and mysteries, though that doesn’t stop them from being the perfect gift for a relative, friend, or partner, since they have several other connotations, as well.

Main uses of blue hortensias

Depending on the color of the hortensia it may have any of a number of different uses. Normally, blue hortensias are used for interior décor and to provide a bit of color in otherwise solemn spaces; hortensias, with their romantic vibe and lively blue color, are capable of creating dreamy environments full of happiness and vitality.

Verdissimo’s varieties of blue hortensias

At Verdissimo we have three different types of blue hortensias:

  • Premium hortensia: this type of hortensia is the perfect product for adding color to more sober floral compositions and is also used to create accessories, such as tiaras or flower belts.
  • Standard hortensia: the standard variety can also be used to provide color for monochromatic floral arrangements and also to add touches of color to vertical gardens since its air of romance helps to sweeten interior spaces.
  • Bicolor hortensia: the bicolor hortensia, as its name indicates, refers to a type of hortensia that combines two colors, one of which comes in blue tones. It’s perfect for more rustic decorations.

As is the case with all of our products at Verdissimo, hortensias are subjected to a preservation process that makes them last a lot longer. We recommend taking a look at our list of “Advantages of preserved products.”

At Verdissimo you’ll find an immense variety of preserved flowers and plants that will set your imagination loose.

Verdissimo | Discover the beauty of preserved flowers!

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