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Flowers and plants for restaurants

Interior designers, architects, decorators and floral art experts are now opting for plant decoration to give added value to their projects. Technological advances and the imagination of these professionals create unique and amazing spaces using furniture, lighting, colour and the essential presence of plants.

flowers and plants for restaurants - verdissimo

Having flowers, plants and trees creates a cosy atmosphere in all kinds of interior ambiences in places that, because of their features, need a specific kind of floral arrangement on a regular basis. This is the case in hotels, restaurants, churches, hospitals, waiting rooms, convention centres, receptions, meeting rooms…

If you’re looking for information about decorating restaurants with plants to start making your own floral decoration projects, read our post carefully. In this article – from Verdissimo, the leading producer of preserved flowers and plants – we’ll tell you what are the best plants for bars, how to select floral arrangements for a business and some ideas for decorating restaurants, etc.

How to choose your floral arrangements?

Choosing the best floral arrangements for your restaurant isn’t always an easy task. At Verdissimo, we know this and want to help you. Follow these steps for decorating a restaurant with plants and you’ll see how much easier it becomes:

  • Firstly, you should keep the budget in mind. Depending on this, you can opt for one type of adornment or another. For decorating a bar, the best and most economic option are preserved flowers. Due to the fact that they do not need to be maintained or changed, they are more economic than fresh flowers and are just as effective and beautiful. A preserved rose creates the same effect as a freshly-cut rose. If you prefer fresh flowers, choose flowers in season as they are more economic.
  • When decorating, it is advisable to seek the advice and support of professionals to ensure that the desired result is achieved and to save on the final price. Professionals know the floral trends and appreciate the finer details that others may overlook: they ensure that spaces are not over-decorated, control excesses, achieve harmonious and visually attractive results, etc.
  • Yes to colour! Although at times monochrome tones can be effective, it is always better to make the most of the variety and range of colours to create fun, beautiful, or romantic decorations.
  • Be careful of fragrances. Although we all love fragrant flowers, we need to bear in mind that smell can interfere with the taste of food. For this reason, it is important to be prudent when choosing flowers for your table or you could opt for preserved flowers to eliminate the problem.
  • Maintain one style. For example, if the restaurant is decorated for a wedding, it is important to maintain one style to get a harmonious result. Try to ensure that the floral arrangements in the wedding hall combine with the bride´s bouquet, the decoration of where the wedding ceremony took place, etc.

How to decorate a restaurant with preserved flowers?

As we’ve mentioned, the best solution for floral decoration in restaurants is to use preserved products. In this way, you can make long-lasting floral compositions without needing to change them every few days, creating a similar effect to fresh flowers. You should keep in mind that preserved flowers are all-natural and have undergone a 100% natural preservation process.

Preserved flowers for decorating restaurants

The decoration of the bar with flowers and plants has the power to transform the spaces. In restaurants they are used to achieve the desired style and also to create perfect environments for each event:

Floral decoration according to the event


The wedding reception is a unique moment for the bride and groom and their guests. White flowers and flowers in pastel tones give the room a romantic ambience, which will make the celebration unforgettable.

Communions, baptisms

Baptisms and communions are happy celebrations, with children present and an intimate and warm atmosphere. To achieve the desired effect, simple flowers in light colours should be used, like daisies, roses or lilies.

Work meetings

Flowers help to create a relaxed atmosphere and make formal business meetings less rigid. A beautiful centrepiece made with sophisticated flowers like orchids makes work dinners more pleasant and less tense.

Romantic dinners

When we think of a romantic dinner, candles and red roses come to mind. They are essential when dining in your favourite restaurant!

As you can see, a floral presence is essential for creating “special effects” in restaurants. With Verdissimo’s preserved flowers you can create exclusive and personalised atmospheres.

Floral decoration according to the style

Preserved plants and flowers aren’t just suitable for decorating an event in a restaurant or bar. These products are perfect for getting the right decorative style. Currently, the most sought-after styles for decorating a restaurant are the following:

Industrial style

The industrial style was born in New York and is characterized by exposed piping, as well as brick, beams, etc. Every day, we see more and more restaurants and bars sticking to this decorative style. What plants and flowers can be placed in industrial-style restaurants?

Though it’s true that not many flowers and plants are used, you can use them to create a more cozy and natural touch. Typically, decorators go for trees, plants or other greens, disregarding brighter flowers and colors.

Rustic style

The rustic style is cozy and often seen in cafes, bakeries, etc. It’s a common style even in big cities like Madrid, London, etc. It’s characterized by the use of wood, neutral colors and plants such as lavender.

Zen style

This is a widely used style today in the best restaurants in the world. With this decorative style, restaurants and bars create a balanced atmosphere where the primary decorative elements are vertical gardens. The color green is very important, which is why moss is one of the star products of this style.

Boho style

We adore the boho style because it combines all kinds of materials, colors and even plants and flowers. Boho-style restaurants create dreamy atmospheres capable of transporting you anywhere in the world. The classic flower for the boho-style is the red rose.

Tips to decorate your restaurant

  • A few big flowerpot stands with preserved plants (like Washingtonia Palm or Crown), situated at the entrance, covered but very visible, attract attention and invite people to come inside. These small trees with a huge aesthetic presence give clients an impression of care and attention.
  • Interior decoration is the most important part of the store. Creating an amazing, unique and pleasant interior decoration is essential for business to go well, and there is nothing better than using preserved plants to achieve this! A trend that is really in fashion in bars and premises is using preserved moss to simulate the street style known as Moss Art, contemporary urban art that consists of creating plant graffiti on walls.
  • Decorate the tables or the bar with creative centrepieces with glass bases or reusable elements. Place preserved varieties inside, like Aralia, Gunny or Lutti Fern to give a touch of warmth that will make the room more pleasant for clients.
  • You can create different bar/restaurant atmospheres using partitions made with plant elements. This kind of resource, simple and visual, is a very typical way of enclosing terraces or demarcating dining areas, separating these spaces from other transit areas or the bar. For indoors, small-sized preserved trees can be used, like Cupressus Thuja, Pittosporum or Eucalyptus.
  • The use of plant elements in the decoration of a bar is a simple, quick, effective and, above all, economical resource. The decoration and layout of the establishment can be modified without any effort. Plants give a premises an image that is dynamic and inviting, and which helps to build loyalty with the clients.

Check out our catalog of preserved flowers, plants and trees and start creating special atmospheres in restaurants and bars. Remember the importance of decorating a restaurant with plants. Choose the right flowers and get to work!

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